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  • Durand, MI – an Amtrak station and railroad museum

    When I visit new stations there are some that I thoroughly research, there are others that I visit more spontaneously, particularly when Louise and I make road trips, Durand–(78 photos) was as one of these stations and looked so impressive that we came back for a thorough visit the following summer. Just over a year […]

  • To Disneyland via the Green Line to avoid the new LAXit and BiLevels in South Bend.

    With the new Disneyland Flex Pass, Louise and I are currently Disneyland annual pass-holders and have been heading out to Orange County every chance we get (this has been our 3rd trip since August). Ideally we would fly into the John Wayne Airport every time, but flights there are generally much more expensive. This trip […]

  • The Flint and Lapeer Amtrak Blue Water Stations

    Three times on our way back from visiting my now late grandmother in Syracuse we went via Southern Ontario, I visited a few VIA Rail stations on these trips, but that section needs a bunch of love that makes adding these stations complicated. On two different trips, two years apart as we drove along I-69 […]

  • Stopping in Elyria on a sad trip to Syracuse

    In August my grandmother, Mary Louise Hartenstien died at age 93. This grandmother was my travel companion on many trips from going to the Galapagos, to Costa Rica, on a Disney cruise, and on a trip that’s particularly covered on this website, going on the Rocky Mountaineer. Making stopovers on trips to visit her are […]

  • A long-weekend in Disneyland with a quick LA Metro Green Line Trip to LAX

    I’ve been working on a variety of website projects over the past few months, none of which have ended in an update. Now I have a small LA Metro Green Line transit update from a trip we took to Disneyland in late August. On our way to Disneyland we were scheduled to fly South Bend […]

  • South Shore Line Service Suspended due to Deep Freeze – A visit to 11th Street with minimal signage

    For the past 4 days (service on the entire route re-started yesterday, Sunday, February, 3), South Shore Line service along with Metra Electric service was completely suspended first on Wednesday, January 30, due to the extreme cold causing (the high temperature was -15 degrees in South Bend) issues with the catenary wires. This was followed by […]

  • A Hot Summer Weekend Trip to Chicago including renovated Clark/Division

    We are currently in the middle of an arctic freeze here in South Bend, the temperature had a low of negative 8 degrees last night. I am continuing to work on catching up on my 2018 trip reports and this one took place on Saturday June 30th, 2018 to July 1st, 2018 which was an […]

  • An Summer Evening Rush Hour Trip to Miller, Portage/Ogden Dunes and Dune Park on the South Shore Line

    The following trip took place on Thursday, June 14, 2018. One of my major goals this summer is to finish the South Shore Line, one major reason I stopped at East Chicago last Sunday on my way to spend the day railfanning in Chicago. Earlier in the week, I had a couple of evening meetings […]

  • Happy New Year and the special South Bend Westmoor St Stop for the NHL Winter Classic

    Happy New Year everyone, although I still have about 6 trips to write up (and upload photos from) in 2018, my little adventure on New Years Day I just need to write a post about a rare opportunity for me to photograph some unique content at home in South Bend. A few weeks ago the […]

  • Rebuilt Stamford and Darien with many new photos!

    I’ve continued to work on the New Haven Line from my archive on the side while working on trips from this year. In this update I’ve rebuilt to my modern navigation standards and added full summaries for two more important New Haven Line stations from my large photo archive: Stamford–(61 new photos)    Darien-(25 new […]