Amtrak California Winter 2012

Ontario, CA and the Tri-Weekly Sunset Limited leaving L.A.

In our current COVID-19 world, I find myself working from home. The past two weeks have been extremely busy helping to manage bus service cuts due to driver shortages. It’s made me realize just how important public transit is, as an essential public service. Now is not the time though that I will be taking […]

Amtrak California Transit Adventures

Finishing the Red Line, Select+ Still Doesn’t Get You a Preferred Seat in LA and Spending the $160 on a Roomette for Actual Sleep to Tucson

I walk into Los Angeles Union Station–(11 total photos) after coming down from Sacramento on the Claremont Bus via the San Joaquin and immediately walk through the waiting room with its historic comfy benches that has been corded off to keep the homeless out and fully enforce the “ticketed passengers only” policy. Private security guards are around […]

Finishing CA to an AGR Roomette

Stuck in the Worst Aslie Seat (Flashing my S+ Card does Nothing!) on the Sunset Limited to Tucson, noticing a non-Metrolink Route out of Los Angeles

The Red Line for the Short Ride to Union Station comes immediately and at 9:05 I head up to the Metro Center exit, it has tons of signs dividing entering and exit passengers through its locked faregates but no staff. I walk through the tunnel and find the desk in the lobby where coach passengers […]

Tennessee to Texas

A Friendly Sunset Limited to Houston, Running into a Previous Amtrak Dining Companion

I stopped for breakfast which I ate quickly and was worrying about being late. Had I already had a ticket I wouldn’t of worried so much but I didn’t see a Quick-Trak machine when it was in the station. I rushed over and arrived at 8:35. There was a long line to board but the […]

Rockies Region Transit Adventures

Missed $1 Crucero USA bus, and an early Sunset Limited Through the Night

Greetings from Los Angeles! I apologize for not getting more posts in this entire trip. I was staying in the most social hostels I have ever stayed in, in both Phoenix and San Diego and every time I got my computer out in an attempt to right a blog post I would get distracted in […]