Amtrak California Winter 2012

Ontario, CA and the Tri-Weekly Sunset Limited leaving L.A.

In our current COVID-19 world, I find myself working from home. The past two weeks have been extremely busy helping to manage bus service cuts due to driver shortages. It’s made me realize just how important public transit is, as an essential public service. Now is not the time though that I will be taking any trips, Louise and I are doing well, hunkering down, heeding social distancing and Indiana’s stay-at-home order. I know when this is all over, it will change transit as an industry, along with so much of our society and hopefully it will be for the better.

In our leisure time, mostly at home, except for a weekly outing to primarily take a solitary walk in nature; I’ve found myself with a lot of time to work on website, that has felt like the right thing to work on. My primary project right now is working through uploading an extensive trip we took to Southern California this past Christmas, that I’m looking forward to blogging about with all of my new pictures and stations very soon.

As part of this I found myself going through some unpublished photos and found a set I took back in February of 2012 when I spent a Sunday afternoon primarily doing Metrolink’s San Bernardino line and also heading south for a detour, first I got the Sunset Limited leaving Los Angeles, near the Ontario Airport

And then headed into Downtown Ontario, CA-(25 Photos, including the Sunset Limited nearby) to get it’s train platform that the Sunset limited stops at, although the tracks used by Metrolink’s Riverside County line are nearby because a station was built in East Ontario instead since adding Metrolink service here was too expensive. The only place I know of where a long-distance Amtrak train makes a stop closer to another stop (Pomona) than a commuter train)

Ontario, CA

Enjoy! My goal right now is to get Southern California (except for the 8 out of 62 Metrolink stations I haven’t made it to yet) completely up to date, so stay tuned to this blog for more frequent updates.