Amtrak California

The Pomona Stations

Pomona, CA has been home to two train station’s that have both operated continuously in the last fifty years, although the types of service at each station has changed. Today both are served by Metrolink, on two different lines. From 1971 until 1994 both were served by Amtrak, the Santa Fe station by the Southwest Chief (and Desert Wind between 1979 and 1986) until these trains were rerouted to run via Fullerton and Metrolink today’s I-91 Line, and the Southern Pacific station continuously by the Sunset Limited.

Metrolink began operations near the Santa Fe station (North) in 1992 and at the Southern Pacific Station (Downtown) in 2001. Here are photo essays of the two station’s serving this city:

The San Bernardino stations I’m now working on will be exclusively released on this blog, or by clicking between stations until I finish the entire line, this streamlines station releases for me.