The (nearly-complete) San Bernardino Line: Upland to Rialto

I’ve slowly been chipping away at the San Bernardino Line station’s that were sitting in my archive, and this update has the final 4 missing stations, that I’ve visited:

I’ve also added a page (now all seven lines have their own homepages) for the San Bernardino Line in my revamped Metrolink homepage section.

You will notice that the new (opened on December 16, 2017) Downtown San Bernardino Station is missing, I haven’t been there, I hope to get to this station at some point but am kind of waiting for the Arrow DMU Commuter Rail line (using FLIRT cars) to open in early 2022 that will extend service from here to Redlands, with some rush hour locomotive hauled San Bernardino line express trains to Downtown Los Angeles.