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Robert R. Nolan Transportation Center-Upland Station was one of two intermediate stops on the May 17, 1993 extension of Metrolink service from Montclair out to San Bernardino. The station is located in front of the historic (although I couldn't find any built year information, just pictures) Santa Fe Depot that has black Upland lettering on some of the walls. It currently houses a wine store and some other local business, with no transit uses

The depot is at the corner of 2nd Avenue and A Street. The train platform is on the north side of the single-track line and beginns at the grade-crossing of 2nd Street and runs east. The platform has a series of 5 small canopy structures with white stucco columns holding up Spanish tiled roofs. These are clustered in front of the depot and on the eastern half of the platform.

Parking at the station is paid and costs $4 a day or $20 a month for residents, $30 a month for non-residents, with some lots permit only. The main lot is a small lot closest to the platform just east of the depot between A Street and the railroad tracks, there is one central aisle with angled spaces on each side. The parking lot is interrupted by a Chinese restaurant (at the foot of 4th Avenue that ends at the tracks), before another larger parking lot extends to 6th Avenue. There is a final lot across 2nd Avenue (between A Street and the tracks) that extends to 1st Avenue.
Photos 1-28 taken on February 26, 2012

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