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Sounder Commuter Rail is the commuter railway that runs limited peak direction rush hour service on two lines either north and south of Seattle. The system uses Bombardier BiLevel Cars and F59PHI Locomotives operated under contract by BNSF which is also the host railroad. The fleet is maintained by Amtrak during the midday layovers in their Seattle Coach Yard. The main South Line has 7 peak direction trips (5 of these, those that don't return to Seattle for reverse-peak trips, are extended to Lakewood), plus 2 reverse peak trips and service has been gradually increased from just two round-trips in 2000. Its trains can be up to 7 coaches long. The North Line is newer and has much less ridership, using generally just three car trains on four peak direction round-trips. Trains operate in push-pull configuration with the locomotive always at the southern end of the train (so pushed north, pull south) for boht lines. It began operations in December 2003 with just one round trip. Train service runs weekdays only except for special Sunday Football Game Service for Seahawks Games (3 South trips-one inbound even runs express, 2 North trips), and some weekend Sounders FC soccer maches, and Mariners Games.
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