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Mukilteo is a Sounder infill station that opened on May 31, 2008. The current platform feels very temporary and is designed to be. It consists of a single platform on the Pudget Sound side of the tracks with a tactile warning strip, a line of green lampposts and a few benches inside brown bus shelters with plastic roofs. There is a single shelter with a few TVMs of the same design. There is also an abstract concrete sculpture on the platform. A fence separates the track that platforms from the two mainline track. This platform area leads south to and ends at an access road where there is a single turnaround loop. Along this road is the stations only 63 parking spaces. A walkway continues following this access road along the tracks and leads to a few seaside shops by the water and the ferry terminal for the Washington State Ferry to Clinton on Whidbey Island. Passengers accessing the station have to dodge the vehicle line-up area for the ferry as well, and then can finally get to WA-525, the Mukilteo Speedway, and the one vehicle bridge across the railroad tracks, uphill to the town center of Mukilteo. The current station will at some point be renovated as part of plans to make the ferry terminal a multi-modal transportation center. A second platform on the opposite side of the tracks will be built with a pedestrian bridge (with elevators) connecting the two sides.
All photos taken on 10 October, 2011

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Passengers stepping off a just arrived Sounder train
EMD F59PHI #905 pushes a train north
A three car train keeps leaving
EMD F59PHI #905 passes the mini-high platform for wheelchairs
EMD F59PHI #905 and a three car train have left
A construction area on the platform
A platform sign
Directional sign
The entrance to the platform
Welcome to Mukilteo
P42 #167 Leads train #8, the just originated from Seattle Empire Builder just south of Mukilteo following Puget Sound
Two P42s and the Heritage Baggage Car lead train #8 bound for Chicago
The Empire Builder keeps passing the houses of Mukilteo
The setting sun reflects off the P42s of the Empire Builder
P42s #167 and #177 leading the Heritage Baggage Car and the rest of the Empire Builder
The rear Superliner of Empire Builder #8 goes beneath the bridge to the ferry terminal and will soon bypass Mukilteo Station
The Mukilteo entrance sign
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