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Everett Station is located in the Everett Transit Center that opened in February 2003 and also has stops for Community Transit (including the northern terminus of the Swift BRT route that uses off-board POP fare collection), Everett Transit, Sound Transit Express Buses (with hourly or better service south to Seattle), plus County Connection Island Transit and Skagit Transit buses to northern destinations (including Stanwood and Mount Vernon, to their Amtrak Stations). It is the Sounder terminus for the four the four North line peak direction only round trips to Seattle. Amtrak serves the station with the twice-daily Amtrak Cascades Service to Vancouver, BC (one trip continues south to Portland, OR), plus the Seattle section of the Empire Builder stops daily just before it turns east to begin the long trek along the Hi-Line across Montana to Chicago. There is also an additional midday Amtrak Thruway Bus round-trip north to Bellingham. All trains also include checked baggage service to the station. The previous train station to serve Everett (it has had almost continuous Amtrak service but only from Empire Builder, which used the Milwaukee Road's more southern and now abandoned route until 1981) was fully staffed at 2900 Bond Street, along Pudget Sound and the Port of Everrett.

Today's Transit Center and station is away from the water and has 1107 parking spaces in various lots on both sides of the tracks. The main depot is a modern glass and brick four store building whose upper floors host a WorkSource office, a Washington state job training and placement agency. The middle lobby serves, as the waiting area with only a few benches and ticket counters for Amtrak and Greyhound, along with what else since this is Washington State but a Coffee Americano. This depot is located towards the northern end (railway south, the station is on a tiny section of track where trains are running briefly in the opposite direction) of the station complex, just south of Pacific Avenue's overpass. Trackside it leads out to an electric fence that is only opened when an Amtrak train is due to arrive, providing access across the track used by Sounder to Amtrak's long platform with a few benches with their own little canopies, and windscreens, a tactile warning strip and Sound Transit format signs saying Everett Washington. This platform is along a two-tracked mainline railway.

The Sounder platform begins just south (railway north) of depot and is on a single tracked siding fenced off from the main line. The four Sounder round-trips per day pull-up beyond the platform and layover for the night on the siding using must use a first train in becomes the last train-out method, and all maintenance is done during middays under contract by Amtrak (although trains are operated under contract by BNSF) at Seattle Maintenance Facility just south of the King Street Station. This low-level platform is canopied for most of its length, along the opposite side of it are bus stops for some of the 24 bus routes that serve the station. More bus stops are located along two canopied islands just beyond this one. Trains can stop at different locations along the platform so there are not one but two mini-high level platforms for ADA compliancy (these use a bridgeplate as well), along with also a mobile-lift on the platform. Continuing south is a footbridge across the railroad tracks to some of the parking lots on the otherside of the tracks. This has two elevator shafts and staircases up for access with brick walls, and the bridge itself is simple with mesh sides. Continuing south the platform ends and a fence protects the early Sounder sets to pull into the train yard and the special bus loop for the Swift BRT route that uses POP off-board fare collection is located.
Photos 1-23 taken on 10 October, 2011, 24-54 on 12 October, 2011

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Passengers stepping off a just arrived Sounder train
EMD F59PHI #910 has just arrived from its second trip of the day
A small sign and canopy on the Amtrak platform
EMD F59PHI #910, the third train to arrive backs up a bit closer to its other trainsets where it will layover for the night
Another view EMD F59PHI #910
The bus loops
The Swift bus loop
Everett Station on Swift
EMD F59PHI #905 on the single yard track
The distance between two Sounder trains on the layover track
Another view of the Swift bus loop and station beyond
All the tenants of Everett Station, its home to 5 different bus transit agencies!
The main entrance to the station building
A sculpture in the main atrium of the depot
Benches for waiting passengers
The Amtrak and Greyhound ticket offices
To reach Amtrak's platform this gate must be opened and passengers must cross the Sounder siding
looking down the Amtrak platform by the Sounder siding
A windscreen and bench on the Amtrak platform at Everett
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