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Kent is the sixth largest city in Washington and the Sounder Station is a large transit hub that has one Sound Transit Express Bus Route, plus frequent King County Metro Express Bus Service into the Seattle Transit Tunnel. The former agricultural town, now suburb has never received intercity train service in the Amtrak area. It got service back after at least a 30-year absence on February 5, 2001, five months after Sounder started operations. The Historic BN Station, still used by that railway is located a block south of the Sounder Station and Transportation Center. The Sounder Station has two side platforms for the two-track railway. These modern platforms each have tactile warning strips, modern looking canopied sections, sheltering benches and TVMs. The middle of each platform also has the ADA required mini-high platform for wheelchair access. The platforms run the entire length between the grade crossings for James and Smith Streets where some of the entrances are. Starting from the north, on the Seattle-bound side of the tracks, is the station's bus loop along Railroad Avenue. Next comes an enclosed pedestrian overpass with a staircase and elevator down to each platform, this continues beyond the Tacoma-bound platform over 1st Avenue and onto the 4th level of the 5 level (including the rooftop) parking garage with a total of 1,101 spaces. Beyond this garage and north of the Tacmoa-bound platform is Kent Station, a modern open-air shopping mall and Transit Oriented Development. Along the southern end of the Tacoma-bound platform and just south of the garage is the old 105 Bldg, along Smith Street.
Photos 1-17 taken on 11 October, 2011, 18-55 on 14 October, 2011

Sounder Station|BN Station
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Stepping off a train on a rainy day
Bombardier BiLevel #236 stops on one of two reverse-peak trips
A little plaza with artwork along the Seattle-bound platform
Its raining hard!
The wet bus loop, people hunkering down in the shelters
F59PHI #911 and a Seattle-bound train leave
F59PHI #911 keeps pushing a train north out of Kent in a heavy rain
The side of the Seattle-bound platform as a train has just left the station
Artwork in the overpass
The overpass with mesh walls that connects the two platforms
The overpass entrance from the Seattle-bound platform
The parking garage is reached from the station via a pedestrian bridge
F59PHI #901 approaches leading a 7 car train for Tacoma
F59PHI #901 starts to enter
F59PHI #901 keeps entering
Two Sounder trains pass at the Kent Station, with the second reverse peak train stopped in the station
F59PHI #907 stops
F59PHI #907 leaves Kent pushing an almost empty reverse-peak trip back to Seattle
Sounder Station|BN Station
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