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Tukwila is a ten-year old temporary Sounder Station that opened on Mark 12, 2001. All four Amtrak Cascades trips started to stop at the station on June 1, 2001 as signs announcing this beginning still appear on both platforms. In terms of ridership the stop serves both residents in the surrounding community as well as employees of Boeing commuting south (and I am sure a few north on the two reverse peak trips) going to and from work.

As of October 2011, the station is still temporary but funding seems to be finally in order to build a permanent station. The station is on an embankment and has two long low-level wooden side platforms for the two-track line that have a tactile warning strip and the required ADA mini-high platforms. Platform fences as well as the fence between the tracks to prevent unauthorized crossings are all of the industrial chain-linked verity. For shelter each platform has two wooden enclosed shacks with a couple of benches inside of them. Platform signs are even temporary looking consisting of an inverse of the standard Sounder sign, dark blue on white. Access to each platform is via a long wooden ramp upward from the underpass of 21 Street plus a more direct staircase. On the Seattle-bound side of the tracks is a parking lot (208 spaces) and another wooden enclosure housing the only two TVMs for the station (There are ORCA card readers along each staircase in and out of the station). There is also an additional staircase up to this platform.
Photos 1-48 taken on 11 October, 2011, 49: 11 April, 2014

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Southbound BiLevel #302 leaves
Fields are beyond the station as a Southbound Sounder Train leaves
One of the unique temporary looking platform signs
Looking across to a wooden waiting enclosure with a bench inside on the Seattle-bound platform
Sign for the four daily Amtrak Cascade trips that stop
Sign for the beginning of Amtrak Cascade service that began on June 1, 2001
Sounder map and timetable
Sign for the beginning of Amtrak Cascade Service south to Portland
The top of the ADA ramp with a chain link fence instead of a railing on the incline
A single BN caboose approaches the station
A BN Caboose goes through the southbound side of the station
GP39-2R BN #2925 pushes a caboose through
GP39-2R BN #2925 keeps going through the station
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