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Amtrak's Seattle Coach Yard is just few blocks south of King Street Station with Safeco Field (home of the Seattle Mariners), and CentryLink Field (formerly Seahawks Stadium) between the main train station and the yard. The yard is home to maintenance for the Amtrak Cascades Talgo trainsets, which except for the few spare cars are rarely seen in the yard except at night when on a normal schedule two trainsets are stored and serviced; the Superliners of the Empire Builder are given a same-day turn around in the yard, and the Coast Starlight is turned overnight. The other tenants are Sounder's Bombardier BiLevels and their EMD F59PHIs that are maintained during their weekday midday layovers between making their single trips north or south (two trains make an additional round-trip) to and from Everett and Tacoma where they are stored on sidings with no maintenance provisions overnight. The Sounder trains are maintained by Amtrak (and even include their soap bottles in the bathrooms) but operated and staffed by BNSF on their tracks.

The reason the train yard gets its own page is the fact it is entirely at street level with Holgate Street running across a grade crossing right through the middle of the yard. Passerby can get excellent views and photos (using a zoom) avoiding a fence (particularly when walking by) from a completely public ROW. Lander Street beyond the southern end of the yard also provides an interesting view.
Photos 1-40 taken on 13 October, 2011, 41 & 42: 11 April, 2014, 43 & 44: 12 April, 2014

King Street Station|Seattle Coach Yard
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Two Sounder train sets
F59PHI #904 and Amtrak MP15 #530
F59PHI #904
Bombardier BiLevels #306 and #108
A Pacific Parlor Heritage Lounge coupled to a Sounder Bombardier BiLevel
a rare uncoupled view of Bombardier BiLevel #105 coupled to another Bilevel and an Amtrak Heritage Lounge Pacific Parlor Car
Bombardier BiLevel #217
Amtrak parking only
Bombardier BiLevel #101
Washing something surrounded by the Sounder train sets
F59PHIs #906, #905 and #902 and their Sounder BiLevel trains
An un-zoomed view of the train yard
P42 #152 leads the Coast Starlight, beginning a Journey to L.A. past F59PHI #910
P42 #152 leads the Coast Starlight, beginning a Journey to L.A. past F59PHI #910 now passing Safeco Field
The Coast Starlight continues south
F59PHI #910
F59PHI #910 with Safeco field and the Amtrak maintenance building behind
The coast Starlight begins its journey south passing some of the few spare Talgo train cars
The back of the Coast Starlight leaving Seattle through the coach yard
The back of Sounder F59PHI #908 and the front of Amtrak Cascades F59PHI #469
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King Street Station|Seattle Coach Yard
Home<Amtrak<Seattle Coach Yard
Home<Pacific Northwest<Sounder Commuter Rail<Seattle Coach Yard
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