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South Tacoma is the one intermediate stop on the Sounder extension to Lakewood that opened on October 8, 2012. The stop is located in an industrial area with a single platform along a single track that switches and becomes industrial sidings at the northern end of the platform. The station fells compact from all the industrial buildings. The station begins with a sidewalk and narrow one-way driveway at the grade crossing of 60th Street. Across the track from the station (requiring driving passengers to walk south and cross the tracks) is the station's 220 space Park & Ride lot that stretches to Adams Street with two entrances. Near the entrance sidewalk is End of the Line a concrete form that resembles a railroad spike by Ilan Averbuch, 2008. Then the platform begins. This platform looks like the most 'modern' Sounder station with five silver waiting structures (highlighted by wide decorative square structures) with glass and silver windscreens covering benches. The benches are unique, black with a couble seats with a decorative armrest between them. Towards the northern end of the platform the kiss & ride driveway curves away and there are four ADA parking spaces before it reaches in the intersection of 58 Street at Washington Street. Just beyond here is a small perminant cinderblock shed with two doors and windows for what look like are designed to be used as a ticket office. A Port-a-John is adjacent, an awning covers one set of bike racks, another is out in the open and north of it are some Bike Lockers. The platform continues a bit before becoming another long sidewalk. This sidewalk stretches north to the grade crossing of 56 Street. It ends with Landmark by Ilan Averbuch which look like a pair of enlarged horseshoes with the circular form made of steel with granite stones across the top. The artist's statement says these are designed to invoke the historic Tacoma Union Station arches and the wheels of train cars (I don't buy it).
All Photos taken on 11 April, 2014

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F59PHI #907 stops in the station leading a southbound train
F59PHI #907 and the long train stopped in the station
F59PHI #907 starts leading a southbound Sounder train out of the station for the final jaunt to Lakewood
F59PHI #907 keeps pulling a southbound Sounder Train out of the station passing End of the Line
F59PHI #907
Bombardier BiLevel #305 brings up the rear of a seven car southbound train
Looking north to the station (with the siding sign) from the southern grade crossing of 60th Street
The fence of the parking lot across from the station platform
A South Tacoma Station entrance sign with a local bus stop
One entrance to the park & ride lot
Some ADA spaces in the parking lot and the train platform on the other side of the track
Cars in the parking lot
View of the platform across from the across the track parking lot
A sign for the station and the southern 60th Street grade crossing
The platform is a bit of ways down from the 60th Street grade crossing entrance
View down the track from the 60th Street grade crossing
Entrance map
End of the Line
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