Rockies Region

FrontRunner South, Provo Amtrak and all my Utah Photos from my February trip

I realize that the update everyone is excepting is of Metro-North at Grand Central Terminal. It isn’t next, I need a break from the intensity of the complex New York City Rail Terminals. These past few hot, humid days in New York with the start of summer put me in the mood to process photos that include nice, cold snow. I fly out to California (to an Amtrak AGR loop trip home) a week from today and knew that I would be really hitting myself in the foot if I hadn’t gotten my photos from my last trip out west onto my website. In this update I’ve added my photo essays of every new FrontRunner South Extension Station that opened last December from a day Railfanning it in February when I was out in Utah on my ski trip in early February.

FrontRunner South (plus some north additions):

Amtrak and Historic Stations:

Finally, a fewSalt Lake City TRAX Photo Additions: