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The Van Shuttle to Salt Lake City (to do the S-Line) for Three Days of Powder Skiing

This post covers Sunday, January 11th through 13th, 3 Days Skiing Alta Snowbird on my (anti-)Epic Ski Bum Adventure The next stop on my (anti-)Epic, Mountain Collective Skiing Adventure is Salt Lake City, specifically to ski AltaSnowbird. To get there are two options Alltrans (the airport shuttle companies) Mountain States Express that makes a daily […]

Rockies Region

FrontRunner South, Provo Amtrak and all my Utah Photos from my February trip

I realize that the update everyone is excepting is of Metro-North at Grand Central Terminal. It isn’t next, I need a break from the intensity of the complex New York City Rail Terminals. These past few hot, humid days in New York with the start of summer put me in the mood to process photos […]

Transit Adventures

The Two Month Old FrontRunner South including the two train stations in Provo, across a grade crossing from each other.

Today was my one full day in Salt Lake City. I spent it rail fanning the new FrontRunner South extension who’s service is luckily fully interlined with FrontRunner north. The day though was rippled with delays from waiting to meet late trains going the other direction on the numerous passing sidings. This is somewhat expected […]