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Provo is the southern terminus of the FrontRunner (South) Line and the 88 mile long rail corridor (with some trains running the entire length) from here north to Ogden with limited service to Pleasant View. This station and FrontRunner South opened on December 10, 2012. Train service, except for the limited service line from Ogden to Pleasant View, is along FrontRunner's own rail line parallel to the Union Pacific Right-of-way. Amtrak's California Zephyr uses these tracks on the southern portion of these tracks between Provo and Salt Lake City. Provo has an Amtrak station but it's simple unstaffed platform is located on the opposite side of all the railroad tracks a block north of the FrontRunner Station. Downtown Provo is a short ways north of the station.

The station consists of a single island platform for two tracks with two white beam canopy structures holding up silver roofs with red brick to add some detailing below. The platform has black lampposts and two colorful artwork sculptures (one includes a clock) as part of UTA's Art in Transit program. The northern end of the platform is the grade crossing of South Freedom Blvd. There is an additional entrance to the platform at it's eastern (railroad south) end this all leads south to the Provo Intermodal Center that consists of a large bus loop with a number of stops (with canopies similar to those on the railroad platform) surrounded by 811 free parking spaces. The current parking lot is designed to be further developed into a transit oriented development with the parking relocated to a garage.
All photos taken on 4 February, 2013

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Amtrak Staiton|FrontRunner Station
Looking across the UP tracks to the station
There is still a Property of D.& R.G.W. R.R. CO No Trespassing sign
A train layovers in the station
A modern Remote Contorl Locomotives Operate In this Area (for a yard) beneath and old Rio Grande Railroad Sign
Some extra crossing gates are stored across from the station
Looking across the UP tracks to the front FrontRunner Locomotive
The lights are on MPXpress #6 is ready to leave the station
Construction is ongoing on the transit center at the station
Across the grade crossing with the station on the opposite side (on the way to the Amtrak station)
Looking down to the FrontRunner Station with a train inside it
Looking across to the grade crossing at the northern end of the station platform
Looking across to the station
The northern pedestrian crossing (although you can continue streight to the vehicle grade crossing just beyond)
MPXpress #6 layovers in the station
Amtrak Staiton|FrontRunner Station
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