Metro-North New Jersey Transit Adventures

Labor Day to Port Jervis via Otisville, Main Line Express Trains and Hoboken

This trip occurred on Labor Day, September 7, 2015 Introduction: The goal of the website right now is “finishing things” particularly far-flung portions of our commuter rail system that in the past I’ve been too primarily cheap to venture out too. The most obvious was my Summer Sunday to the Hamptons to finish that branch […]

Metro-North Transit Adventures

Driving back from Syracuse in a Dented Car via Remote Port Jervis Line Stations

A couple weeks ago (June 24 to June 28) I went on my first real road trip by myself. Sure I’ve driven to and from Vermont a few times (and took back roads to visit Vermonter Stations on my way, including Palmer for the back-up move) but on all those trips my Brother, who I was chauffeuring […]

Transit Adventures

A 3 Day Weekend East… – Part 2

Monday June 14, 2010: Well after having a nice 48 hours at Mohunk, it was time to take my trip home, back to Colorado Springs. I first had a nice final morning and Lunch at Mohunk, and immediately after left for the hour drive (42 mile) south down the Thruway to Harriman–(32 Photos) where I […]