NYC Subway

Upload: The H train Stopping at Rebuilt Rockaways Stations

Yes, Smith-9th Street reopened today and I do plan to visit it soon but felt no reason to trundle down to Brooklyn today since I already go down there twice a week (I was there yesterday) so that updated photo essay will have to wait for next week. Instead I spent quite a lot of time today finally rebuilding every station in the Rockaways (including the southernmost 3 that are closed) to finally add the H train to my website, I also included some photos I took two years ago on a trip to witness the rebuilding process. I’ve been out to the Rockaways three times to photograph the H and the subway there after Sandy, the first trip saw the R32s that ran for a month before they were replaced by R46s that I photographed on my previous two visits. I’ve also added Artwork pages for some of the stations, others I need to revisit, again for adequate artwork coverage (or their closed).

The three closed stations on the Peninsula and Broad Channel:

The final two stops on the ‘mainland’ on the branch that leads out to the Rockaways:

  • Howard Beach-JFK Airport(8 Photos)–including the unique, temporary fare control area in the normal emergency exit to and from the bus lot to catch the Shuttle bus to the Rockaways
  • Aqueduct-North Conduit Av(21 Photos)–from a few years ago when the new casino was under construction, today its covered in ads and I need to revisit.