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Rockaway Park-Beach 116 Street is the southern and (western really) terminus of the Rockaway Line, the station is at a grade left over from the days when the entire LIRR line was. There is a small yard surrounding the station's single terminal island platform that is used to store spare Rockaway Park Shuttle trains as well as the five A train Rockaway Park specials each peak direction rush hour after they make their runs to Rockaway Park. A few A trains that terminate at Far Rockaway (that lacks a yard) deadhead via Hammel's Wye to the Rockaway Park yard for the night. Some of the tracks in the yard (with wooden third rail covers) have circular supports holding up the third rail, these are left over from the LIRR days (and are the LIRR standard) unlike the usual more simple square third rail posts. The yard also has a married pair of R40 Slants in it (#s 4393 and 4392) that are a currently sitting in it being used as Rapid Transit Operations training cars. The island platform descends slowly down (the ramp is fully ADA) at the end of it beyond the bumper blocks to where the stations decently sized station house is. A crew break-room is there along with NYPD transit police bureau. There is also doorway, outside of fare control, to the Last Stop Gourmet Shop, a restaurant, on Beach 116 Street, the main shopping strip of Rockaway Park, with low single story shops along it, and one of the nicest beaches accessible by subway a block and a half away.

For Ridership at Rockaway Park it would seem to make sense that the shuttle's terminus would have more ridership than the rest of the branch, it doesn't, it's rank is 414 (out of 422), the only station not on the Rockaway Line is East 143 St-St Mary's St, a local stop on the Pelham (6) Line in the Bronx (Source)

Superstorm Sandy: The station closed on October 29, 2012 and had its yard evacuated of equipment in preparation for Superstorm Sandy. The storm hit and destroyed the bridges across Jamaica Bay and flooded the Rockaway Park Yard including ruining the signaling equipment. The MTA Restored Subway Service via the H train and originally planned it to cover the entire Rockaways from Rockaway Park to Far Rockaway. The signaling equipment in the Rockaway Park Yard had to be completely rebuilt and H train service was restored only between Beach 90 Street and Far Rockaway. The signaling system was finally rebuilt in March 2013.

On May 30, 2013 the R1-9 Museum Train left Howard Beach full of dignitaries bound for Rockaway Park at 10:46, it arrived at Rockaway Park at 11:23 (after a short 10 minute stop at Broad Channel). This was followed by speakers and a presentation in the area between the station house and platform with a podium and fake Rockaway Park-Beach 116 Street sign behind it. There were panels with information on the restoration as well. The R1-9s were supposed to enter revenue service at noon to begin the first run out of Rockaway Park, the ceramony ran late and a Shuttle Train to Broad Channel was the first revenue train to leave Rockaway Park with passengers in seven months, departing at 12:01pm restoring service. The R1-9s left about 12 minutes later.

Art For Transit at Rockaway Park-Beach 116 St Arts For Transit at Rockaway Park-Beach 116 St
First on the Beach and Wednesday Night Fireworks, 2008, Laminated glass in the station building's interior windows
By K.K. Maria Dominguez
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An old yellow Subway sign is outside of the street side entrance to Rockaway Park, before its renovation. This is along with some trees planted between the doorways, and signage who's color of the S various between grey and blue.
14 May, 2005
The service times sings at Rockaway Park as a shuttle train terminate there for the Five AM peak only trips to 59 Street and the regular frequent S shuttle service.
29 December, 2008
Looking down the rebuilt decently wide island platform at Rockaway Park.
29 December, 2008
A S shuttle train leaves Rockaway Park to begin another run back shuttling passengers to Broad Channel for the A train
29 December, 2008
A Rockaway Park-Beach 116 Street column sign.
29 December, 2008
R40 #4393 sits in the Rockaway Park yard, it is there being used as a RTC Training Car (Do not strip the paper sign in the front window says).
29 December, 2008
R44 #5330 lays idol on one of the tracks of the island platform terminal that is Rockaway Park.
29 December, 2008
R44 #5330 at the platform and R44 #526 in the southernmost track of the yard, both sit idol, out of service, at Rockaway Park
29 December, 2008
Looking down the gradual ramp that Rockaway Park's terminal island platform ends it that provides a covered passageway towards the station house and exit.
29 December, 2008
Snow blower JB5 sits in the Rockaway Park Yard prepared to clear the rockaway lines concrete viaducts and ground level ROWs where the snow will just start to pile up and has no cracks in the elevated structures to fall through like on most elevated lines.
29 December, 2008
R40 Slant #4392 sits in the Rockaway Park Yard being used as a RTC training Car with a flight of wooden stairs leading up at one end of it providing an entrance.
29 December, 2008
Approaching the two sets of doors that lead from the station yard at Rockaway Park to the station house.
29 December, 2008
An interior view of the now well lit, complete with two stained glass windows decently sized station house at Rockaway Park-Beach 116 Street.
29 December, 2008
Approaching a door from the station house out to Beach 116 Street.
29 December, 2008
One of the two sets of three doors that provide an entrance to Beach 116 Street between two subway station globes that signify the station is open.
29 December, 2008
A final street view of 116 Street with the subway station house fitting right in along the shopping strip.
29 December, 2008
An older generation lamppost pillar sign at Rockaway Park has survived the renovations
26 July, 2011
The middle of the platform and conductor stop board for the Rockaway Park-bound A train
26 July, 2011
At the end of the canopy
26 July, 2011
Sign for No Unathorized Personal Beyond This Point
26 July, 2011
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