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Haddonfield is the westernmost stop where the two third-rail electrified PATCO right of way is shared with the single diesel freight regular railroad track used by New Jersey Transit’s Atlantic City Line. A concrete wall separates the two in the station area. The stop is located below-grade in an open cut with concrete walls, with a single island platform for PATCO, that is nearly fully canopied. This platform has a single station entrance located at street level above the platform nestled between the two sides of the open cut, with a staircase down towards the eastern end and a combined staircase/up escalator down towards the western end. As of 2019, the headhouse is being extended to build an elevator down to the platform and make the station ADA compliant, as part of a project to build elevators at every PATCO station.

Doors lead out of the headhouse area to parking areas on both sides of the open cut. To the southwest is Washington Avenue; which contains an extended canopy over the sidewalk at street level to cover the station’s bus stop. Rosedale Avenue is to the Northeast that run parallel to the train tracks that leads out to accessible parking spots. Rosedale Avenue curves over the southeastern end of the platform. These parking areas are in 3 distinct lots. Nearly all parking is gated (except for a tiny free parking lot along Euclid Avenue just southwest of the station) costing $1 per day when arriving between 5 am and 10 am on weekdays.

Art In Transit: Haddonfield Lotto by Marilyn Keating & Debra Sachs. These are two mosaic panels in the headhouse area with pictures of numbered cards displaying various objects and places around Haddonfield including Kings Court (a gazebo), Town Clock, Volunteer (with a fire hat), Ride (with PATCO), Indian King (with a picnic and the year 1750 on it) and more.
Photos 1-20: September 15, 2011

Home<New Jersey·Philadelphia<PATCO Speedline<Haddonfield
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