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Ferry Avenue is the first above ground station on PATCO with trains entering the Camden subway tunnel by Broadway, the next stop. The station is located on an elevated embankment. The stop has a very unusual platform layout with two through tracks on each side of what is primarily an island platform, and a shorter middle track that enters the station from the west and ends at a bumper block after about four car lengths in the middle of the platform. The middle track was the terminus of Ferry Avenue Local trains, to and from Philadelphia but these were extended to Woodcrest when this station opened in 1980. Today an extra trainset is stored during weekday middays on the middle track, visible to passengers, this allows PATCO to have one fewer trainset to deadhead all the way back to PATCO’s train yard at Lindenwold.

To leave the station, an elevator and staircase/up escalator lead off the platform near it’s eastern end. This leads down to a fare control area in a headhouse just south of the tracks. After the faregates, doors lead to a few steps, (plus a ramp at one end) down to a Kiss & Ride area and NJT Transit bus stop, on the edge of a large parking lot area. Just east of the station entrance a pedestrian tunnel leads through the railroad embankment and under the station to Venner Street and nearby industry. The large parking lot is divided into four different sections, with the section directly across from the station house gated and costing passengers $1 (only payable with a Freedom card) per day if they enter before 10:00am, the other 3 sections of the parking lot, and the gated lot after 10:00am are all free for rail passengers. The parking lots are bounded by Ferry Avenue to the east (that crosses under the railway line just east of the station) and Davis Street to the south.
Photos 1-8: November 11, 2005

Home<New Jersey·Philadelphia<PATCO Speedline<Ferry Avenue
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