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Collingswood is an elevated PATCO High Speed Line station, with a single island platform and canopy that covers nearly the entire platform. In the middle of the platform two staircases (one with an up-escalator) lead down to a small intermediate landing before a single staircase leads down to a small fare control area near at street-level nestled under the platform. Here are faregates along with a closed ticket window. About 6 steps then lead down to two entrances along Atlantic Avenue across from Stiles Avenue that is split into two sections by the station house.

An elevator has been retrofitted since I visited the station leading down from the island platform to a small extension of the station house. It has a tower that extends above the canopy, and says PATCO on top of it, and leads to the same fare control area. A ramp was also added in a small building extension to one end of the station house. This elevator opened on Tuesday, April 16, 2019 as part of a project to add 8 elevators to make the remaining 6 non-accessible PATCO stations accessible by 2022.

The station has 4 different parking lots all with free parking. The smallest lot is nestled under the tracks, and additional parking sprawling out in the neighborhood, all north of station, along South Atlantic Avenue, between Lees Avenue and Homestead Avenue, with Stiles and Billson Avenue running between the different parking lots, cutting them into sections.

Art in Transit: Waterlines Collingswood by Stacy Levy, there are enlarged sculptures of microorganisms and a map of the ecology and waterbodies around Collingswood on the staircases off the station platform.
Photos 1-25: September 15, 2011

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