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Newark Pennsylvania Station is the historic and restored train station and one of two train stations that serve Newark, New Jersey. Every New Jersey Transit and Amtrak train that passes through the station stops. All rail trains stop on one of eight elevated tracks just after trains cross the Passaic River on the unique two level, 6 total tracks (2 electrified with third rail for PATH, one of the PATH tracks gently rises to a level above the rest of the station, the rest with catenary) double span vertical-lift Dock Bridge bridge. The platform/track configuration of the main level is Platform-Track 5-Track 4-Platform-Track 3-Track 2-Platform-PATH Track-Platform-Track 1-Track A-Platform. The platforms for tracks 1 and 2 that are shared with the PATH track each have long, wrought iron fences running down the middle of them with many banks of turnstiles for fare control that PATH requires.

What makes the station particularly unique is that New York-bound PATH trains stop and receive passengers on platforms integrated with the tracks of the main train station. This allows cross-platform station from most New York-bound NJT and Amtrak trains to PATH. Terminating PATH trains stop in the roof of the station on Platform H directly above the track for originating PATH trains. Trains rise up to Track H directly on the Portal bridge where trains relay on tracks along the NEC main line (with two tail tracks for storage) beyond the station.

The Amtrak trains that serve Newark at least hourly throughout the day are corridor Northeast Regionals, Acela Expresses, and Keystone Service trains. The daily Vermonter and Pennsylvanian within the Northeast, plus the daily long-distance Carolinian, Crescent, Palmetto, Silver Star, Silver Meteor and triweekly Cardinal also all stop. All 6 of the long-distance trains have baggage cars and Newark provides baggage service to only these trains. The overnight 'Night Owl' Northeast Regional 66/67 also has a baggage car but no baggage service is provided at Newark because the baggage and ticket offices are closed overnight. Amtrak has Discharge/Receive only restrictions for local travel to and from New York on all trains that originate or terminate in New York except for certain Northeast Regionals that allow travel just to New York although the train terminates there. All Northeast Regionals and Acela Expresses plus the Vermonter that continue northeast of New York City allow NWK-NYP intermediate travel.

New Jersey Transit serves the station on three lines, the Northeast Corridor, North Jersey Coast, and Raritan Valley Lines. Off-peak service on the Northeast Corridor Line Trains runs about two trains per hour to Trenton, plus hourly North Jersey Coast Line electric trains on to Long Branch (transfer to a bihourly diesel shuttle there for Bay Head). These trains all run terminate or originate in New York. In addition there are 5 weekday diesel North Jersey Coast Line trains in each direction that use the Waterfront Connection (opened September 9, 1991) and terminate at Hoboken.

Trenton and Long Branch trains (plus Philadelphia-bound Amtrak trains) all normally stop (always check departure monitors) at the island platform that serves tracks 3 and 4. New York-bound trains normally stop on Tracks 2 and 3. Both of these have fare control fences down the middle and are shared with the single PATH track used by New York-bound trains which open their doors on both sides. This allows for very convenient cross-platform transfers.

The final NJT branch to serve Newark-Penn Station is the diesel Raritan Valley Line. This line serves the former Central Railroad of New Jersey that was rerouted into Newark-Penn Station via the Lehigh Line with the building and opening of the Aldene Connection on May 1, 1967 allowing the CNJ to abandon the Communipaw Terminal. All trains originate or terminate at Penn Station except for one AM rush hour eastbound train that continues into Hoboken. Terminating trains discharge passengers on tracks 1 or A before running beyond the station to the Hudson Yard or Meadowlands Maintenance complex where they layover. Trains originating in Newark and heading towards Raritan or High Bridge have exclusive access to the side platform for track 5 (and conductors on other New Jersey Transit trains announce "Transfer to the Raritan Valley Line on track 5").

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Looking out and past the track Turnstiles to Amtrak Catenary M itnance Vehicle A 16504 as the Blizzard of 2010 Begins
26 December, 2010
Another view of A16054 as the snow storms into the train station
26 December, 2010
Waiting for a PATH train, the northbound Carolinian discharges its passengers in the station
26 December, 2010
Passengers wait on the platform of track two as the snow has stormed through the station roof into the station during the blizzard of 2010
26 December, 2010
The PATH platform gets more crowded, this is rare, normally PATH trains layover in the station and one is ready to enter as soon as another one leaves, PATH service will be suspended in a few hours because of the blizzard of 2010
26 December, 2010
Looking out beyond the PATH turnstiles to an Amtrak train stopping in the station
26 December, 2010
The wet and snow covered turnstiles and MVMs.
26 December, 2010
The ramp up from Track 5 to Platform H (the upper level PATH platform)
6 July, 2011
Sign to go up the ramp to Platform H (its discharge only)
6 July, 2011
View from the end of the platform for track 2, after going down a staircase from Platform H
6 July, 2011
Staircase up to Platform H (the PATH discharge platform)
6 July, 2011
AEM7 #932 leads a train into the station
6 July, 2011
View of the darker track 2 because the PATH station is above
6 July, 2011
Looking over a low turnstile fence to the PATH recieving passengers track with its two platforms as passengers wait
6 July, 2011
On Track 3 with a glass skylight
6 July, 2011
A Raritan Valley Line train on Track 4 has sunlight pours in from a gap in the station roof above the tracks
6 July, 2011
The baggage cart is on the platform for the soon to arrive southbound Silver Star
6 July, 2011
Stepping off a New York-bound train on Track A
6 July, 2011
Sign in the Market Street concourse for a New York-SEC train stopping on Track A
6 July, 2011
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