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Devon Transfer was a temporary Metro-North Station without any passenger access to the outside world. The station was in operation from May 4, 2015 to November 16, 2015 and again from April 3, 2016 to October 2, 2016. The station has been built to allow track work on Track 3, the normal New Haven-bound track to proceed particularly on the Housatonic River Bridge. This track work meant that was impossible for Waterbury Branch trains to use the normal half of the wye the branch line ends in to proceed onto the main line to Stratford and Bridgeport where connections to main line electric trains normally take place. Instead, the only serviceable portion of the wye that's useable is in the New Haven-bound direction. Other infeasible solutions would have been to use Milford as a transfer point which would have failed due to a poor station layout and lack of a siding to store shuttle trains between runs without blocking one of just three mainline tracks in this area or making Shuttle trains unnecessarily run to New Haven.

To allow construction to proceed with minimal interference to main line trains a temporary "Devon Transfer" station has been built. For operations: a Shuttle train arrives, soon a Grand Central-bound train arrives to whisk its passengers west. The Shuttle train then layovers in the station before a New Haven-bound train uses the already in existent (and designed for the Waterbury Branch) Devon Interlocking switches from the normal New Haven-bound local track to the Grand Central-bound Express Track, makes the station stop, with passengers walking onto the waiting shuttle train. The New Haven-bound train leaves switching back across the other two tracks to the normal local track and continues to New Haven. The Shuttle train than proceeds on another scoot run up to Waterbury.

The station is clearly designed to be temporary with wooden high-level platforms with simple metal piping for track walls, trash receptacles, lights on wooden two-by-four poles and a simple public address system (transferring passengers get no protection from the elements). The platform for main New Haven Line electric trains is located on Out of Service Track 3 and can accommodate four cars. The platform for Waterbury Branch trains can accommodate two cars and is built on land along the curve of the wye with wide gaps between the trains and the platform, the middle doors of the Shoreliners can't be opened safely, all passengers must use the vestibule end doors over the traps. The platforms are connected at their eastern ends. Small Devon Transfer signs dot each platform and an emergency exit staircase beyond a locked gate leads down to the gravel in the middle of the wye. The transfer station is just north of I-95 and east of Naguatuck Avenue that crosses on a bridge above the western ends of the platforms.
All Photos: 1 August, 2015

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M8 single car #9468 stops at Devon Transfer
Passengers get off to make the transfer to Waterbury
A gravel area (with two emergency wooden staircases down from each platform) is between the two platforms in the wye
Passengers get off a just arrived New Haven-bound train with M8 #9385 and walk around to the wye platform for Shoreliner II Cab Car #6213 heading for Waterbury
A No Trespassing sign, don't leave this platform
One car (its closed to passenger) overshoots the 4 car platform
Passengers board the waiting Waterbury Branch Train
Passengers make the short transfer from a just arrived New Haven Line train to the Waterbury Branch Shuttle waiting to depart
A Devon Transfer platform sign
The doors close on the New Haven Line train that has discharged Waterbury-bound passengers as the last stragglers make their way to the waiting Shuttle Train
The doors have closed on the New Haven Line train but it will soon stop again because a Milford-bound passenger has gotten off in the confusion
A few passengers enjoy quick smokes before boarding the Waterbury Shuttle train on its curved platform
A door reopens on M8 #9268 to allow a passenger who has gotten off my accident at Devon Transfer to re-board
A locked gate to steps off the platform. An Emergency exit
Sign about Devon Transfer Station
Shoreliner 'Candlewood Lake' has just arrived from Waterbury
Passengers walk over to the other platform to wait for their Grand Central-bound train
The back of the main line platform
A Grand Central-bound train of M8s approaches the station on the series of switches
A train of M8s continues approaching Devon Transfer to pick up all passengers
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Home<New York Metro Area<Metro-North<New Haven Line<Devon Transfer
Home<New York Metro Area<Metro-North<New Haven Line<Waterbury Branch<Devon Transfer
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