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The Waterbury Branch is served exclusively by shuttle trains running 6 to 7 times per day between Bridgeport and Waterbury, at one point in time the first train from Waterbury in the AM rush hour was extended to Stamford, but this has been discontinued at the time of writing during the COVID-19 pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic also completely discontinued service on the branch (signal work was also being done on the line, including the installation of Passive Train Control) from April 6, 2020 until October 26, 2020, with shuttle buses replacing all train service. Trains connect in Bridgeport with trains to New York (or New Haven) although the branch does not actually leave the main line until Devon junction, just after the New Haven main line crosses the Housatonic River, located between the Stratford and Milford Stations. Under the current timetable all shuttle trains skip Stratford (on some previously schedules some Waterbury Branch Shuttle trains have stopped at Stratford). During construction a temporary Devon Transfer Station has been constructed (with no access to the outside world) for shuttle trains connecting with mainline electric trains.

The overall branch is rural and offers impressive views as trains run along the Housatonic River for much of it (sit on the left up-right down), the ride feels like it should be on a much longer Amtrak journey then a short Metro-North one. Every station on the line except Waterbury is unimproved, not accessible, and still has just low-level platforms.

Home<New York Metro Area<Metro-North Railroad<New Haven Line<Waterbury Branch

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