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Milford is the one station location on the New Haven Main Line where the number of tracks has been compressed from the original four of the main line to three for about 6 miles. The station has an unusual platform layout with two side platforms. Originally the two platforms could each only accommodate four cars. The most recent station renovation finished in October 2006 expanded the New Haven Line platform to accommodate a-full ten cars while the New York-bound platform can still only accommodate only four. The platform extension and ADA ramp to the New Haven-bound platform opened specifically on September 7, 2006 at 3:00pm. High Street crosses under the middle of the station with the middle of the New Haven-bound platform crossing over it and the shorter New Haven-bound platform beginning just east of it. High Street is the only pedestrian connection between the two platforms with covered ramps (providing ADA access as well) leading down to its sidewalk from each platform. The modern canopies with cream colored supports holding up an angled canopy begins here on the New Haven-bound platform and runs east with the much shorter New York-bound platform fully canopied.

Each platform is along different sections of Railroad Avenue with the station on a gradual embankment and the platforms are just a few steps above the streets at platform level. Along Railroad Avenue are the station parking lots, a combination of permit and paid spaces with 676 spaces. There are two station houses. On the New York-bound platform at street level with a canopy connecting the station house to the platform is a modern grey station house with a gabled that contains a coffee shop open during the AM hours. Home made signs on the doors of the building say tickets sold through vending machines on platform. Across from this along the New Haven-bound platform is the Eastbound Train Station. This large and historic brick building with a gabled roof and a few remaining chimneys currently houses the Center for the Arts.
All Photos: 2 November, 2012

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The much shorter New York platform
The covered ADA ramp
The main station house (a morning coffee shop) has a canopy on the high-level platform blocking a better view from across the tracks
The signs all say No Fares Needed because Governor Cuomo (of New York) has declared a transit emergency post Superstorm Sandy
A platform sign and the more historic eastbound station house
The end of the Eastbound platform is along this former station building that is now the Milford Center for the Performing Arts
A Milford platform sign
the short staircase off the eastern end of the New Haven-bound platform
The brick building that is the Milford Center for the performing arts
Outside the Milford Center for the performing arts
The parking lot and platform above them
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Home<New York Metro Area<Metro-North<New Haven Line<Milford
Home<New York Metro Area<CT Rail<Shore Line East<Milford
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