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Copley is the last outbound station where all four Green Line Branches stop at with the E curving off of the main line subway tracks to go into the Huntington Avenue Subway on a ground junction (meaning outbound E line trains must cross the inbound main line track). The stop has two side platforms with no free crossover or under provided, meaning any passengers trying to transfer from an inbound E line train to an outbound B C or D Line train or vise-versa must backtrack and continue one stop further to Arlington which does have a free crossover. This means the station has two side platforms that are slightly offset from each other. Both have fare control directly on the platforms towards the middle. The inbound platform has two staircases that lead up from the fare control area and join into one arriving at the street at an ornate iron kiosk that has been restored in front of the public library. There is also an elevator down to the platform alongside it. The outbound platform has two staircases (one has an up escalator) on the northern corners of Dartmouth Street and Boylston Street. Both of these have covered glass enclosures with roofs and doors. An elevator is provided to the NW corner.
All photos taken on 27 or 29 June, 2011

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The outbound platform entrances
The ornate entrance to the inbound side
As the inbound entrance enters the subway it splits into two (originally designed to segregate out and in passengers, as text on the ornate ironwork still says)
The out side of the stair case goes down to a high turnstile
The in side and elevator lead to the small fare control area with the fare gates
The inbound platform
Another view of the inbound platform
Type-7 LRV #3710 stops
Type-8 LRV #3867 stops
The inbound platform's fare control area
Inbound passengers approach the fare gates
The detailing on the ornate iron kiosk to the inbound platform
One of two outbound side entrances
The other outbound entrance
Approaching the outbound fare control area
Homemade Warning signs: outbound only, no service to Park Street
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