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Prudential Station is the first stop after the 'E' branch to Heath Street separates from the Tremont Street Subway, it is also underground in the Huntington Avenue subway opened only in 1941. The stop has two side platforms for the two trolley tracks with the opposite track and platform clearly visible from the in service ones. Each platform has a staircase and short elevator up to an intermediate mezzanine area where the faregates are and a free crossover. This in turn leads to an up escalator and staircase directly onto the west sidewalk of Huntington Avenue just north of Belvidere St. There are also two escalators and street elevator that lead to another interior entrance on the opposite side of the street within the Prudential Center.
All photos taken on 29 June, 2011

Murals towards the top of the platform walls
Stairs or elevators to the mezzanine?
The top of the escalator streight to the street
The entrance staircase
The entrance via the Prudential Center
The escalators down to the subway from the Prudential Center
A long corridor leads to the Prudential Center
The sign for the inbound platform
Staircase to inbound platform
passengers get ready to board a 0800 Series inbound LRV
Home<Boston MBTA<Green Line<Prudential
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