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The IND platforms at 59 Street consist of three platforms for the four track line with the standard two island platforms of an express station and an extra middle platform that was used as an exit platform until 1973 when opening the doors on both sides became too time consuming for modern subway cars. This middle platform was completely closed until 2010 when a fenced off portion in it's midsection was reopened as a passageway (accessed by a staircase at each end) between the northern and southern halves of the station. Previously all uptown and downtown 1 transfers had to use the already crowded IND platforms. Due to the fact the IRT Broadway Line crosses at an angle across the station divides the stop into northern (connecting to uptown 1 trains) and southern (downtown) ends. The uptown end has an elevator and 3 staircases from the uptown platform, with just two up from the downtown platform to that 60th street end and transferpoint. The downtown end has an elevator up from each platform with 3 staircases up from each along with one directly connecting the downtown 1 to downtown platform. These sections of the station are so connected to there IRT counterparts that exits are covered in the two other sections on this website for this station covering the uptown or downtown 1.

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The staircase (Exit Only) from one of the platforms to the secondary part-time exit to 40 Street
1 January, 2005
Looking up the quite wide and can be gated off staircase to the mezzanine at 40 Street
14 August, 2008
The crowded Broadway Line platforms
2 June, 2009
Gold and Ts like this form the track walls trimline
2 June, 2009
Another view down one of the platforms
2 June, 2009
One of the 40 Street entrances is in this store front
31 December, 2008
A close up of the signage in the storefront at 40 Street includes arrows directing people to the other entrances on 40 Street for other lines that avoid more walking within the station
17 June, 2009
The limited weekdays only hours of the 40 Street entrance
29 June, 2009
A small shopping arcade leads to the 40 Street entrance
29 June, 2009
Approaching the turnstiles at the 40 Street entrance
22 July, 2009
A close-up of one of two separate banks of turnstiles
22 July, 2009
About to ascend to a regular street stair at 40 Street
21 May, 2010
A conventional stair at 40 Street neglects to tell N,Q,R riders easier access is just half a block down the street instead of looping through the station
5 January, 2011
The sign for the transfers at 42 Street with the Low-Vs beneath and this unusual destination sign since its running in revenue sponsored service
5 January, 2011
One end of the Low-Vs stopped at Times Square
5 January, 2011
The Low-Vs still at Times Square as an express train enters
5 January, 2011
The walkway down the former exit platform
7 January, 2011
Passengers wait for trains looking across from the exit platform
7 January, 2011
More waiting
7 January, 2011
Some passengers are a blur, some just waiting, the railing of the exit platform provides an excellent tripod
7 January, 2011
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