125 Street/St. Nicolas Avenue
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(125a1) A downtown R40 D train stopped at 125 Street. For some reason the rear D is a yellow D. The train is a Yankee Stadium Special on a weekend after a Yankee Game.
31 July, 2004
(125a2) The ditch between the express tracks at 125 Street is full of water.
15 April, 2007
(125a3) Looking down the uptown Express platform at 125 Street, the recently installed ADA elevator is visible.
15 April, 2007
(125a4) Some grime and missing tiles along one of the track walls at 125 Street.
5 June, 2008
(125a5) A view down the downtown platform at 125 Street, the platform is fairly crowded with no train on the local track.
5 June, 2008
(125a6) Another view down the 78th Avenue mezzanine towards the farthest staircase down to the Jamaica-bound platform.
5 June, 2008
(125a7) The cieling at 125 Street still has some long burned out single incadessant light bulbs. There is also a very dusty sign still from the days of New York Telephone (a NYNEX company) above a pay phone that has the usual Verizon stickers on it.
5 June, 2008
(125a8) A close up of the green trim with a black boarder along the track walls with the 125 tiles underneath it.
5 June, 2008
(125a9) Looking down the express tracks at 125 Street there is a slight curve in the station.
5 June, 2008
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