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42 Street-Port Authority Bus Terminal would be an extremely large and confusing station in itself even if the tunnel under 41 Street had never been built allowing there to be first an underground transfer requiring another payment and then a free transfer when the turnstile locations on the mezzanine were re between it and the rest of the larger Time Square-42nd Street subway station. To begin, the station's two island platforms for the express stop on the four track line are extremely wide, so wide in fact that the platforms are almost completely offset from one another to allow the them to fit underneath 8th Avenue. At their juncture point in the middle, not surprisingly right where the exits to 42nd Street are, each visibly curves in and gets quite a bit narrower before ending. The downtown platform stretches from about 40th Street to 42nd Street, the uptown from 42nd Street to 44th Street. Each platform has a line of 3 sets of purple columns, and a purple trimline with black borders and white 42s inside of it and little 42s beneath.

Almost the entire station is connected by a wide mezzanine within fare control that also has some newsstands and other stores along it. From south to north the first exit is a small separate signed exit only mezzanine from the downtown platform that leads to turnstiles out to the Port Authority Bus Terminal and 40th Street, and a small area of the wide mezzanine entirely outside of fare control with an entrance to the Port Authority South Wing and street stairs to the NE and SE corners of 40 Street and 8 Avenue. At the SW corner it is inside a store front. Before a wide bank of turnstiles with a staffed token booth (and undercover cops questioning people getting buzzed in through the special service gate after paying due to taking my bicycle, a personal incident). The mezzanine now inside fare control continues with the relatively narrow pedestrian tunnel to the Times Square Station complex, across from this are public restrooms. This is also where the Art's for Transit exhibit is, Loosing my Marbles, on wall next to the passageway, and the walls across from it; the only art in the IND portion of the complex. Continuing north through the mezzanine we reach another exit to the Port Authority Bus Terminal, for its north wing, that has another large bank of turnstiles and a Customer Service Assistant Booth only (now unstaffed). Next we pass the ADA access to the downtown platform, a long and looping ramp that takes up most of the platform and only works at 42 Street-PABT because the stations platforms were built to be so wide. To the opposite side of the mezzanine is a smaller bank of turnstiles, a token booth, and the exit to 42 St & 8 Ave, NE corner (inside a storefront along 42 Street that incorrectly says 42 ST, the T should not be capitalized) and a new exit inside a recently finished building at the SE corner this consists of two consecutive short staircases each with an escalator to one side (all are maintained by the buildings under agreements). A street level is an LED Subway sign with the letters of Subway flashing and a blue awning, the letters are not individually illuminated and organized to arrow for easy changes when service does. Across from this are two high entrance/exit turnstiles that are an unstaffed exit to 42 St & 8 Ave, NW corner a street stair. Continuing along the mezzanine there is the last staircase down to the downtown platform and the first to the uptown platform. Next we reach the ADA ramp down to the uptown platform, fallowed by another two high entrance/exit turnstiles out to 43 St & 8 Av SW corner, a streetstair before continuing down a fairly long portion of the mezzanine, with ads on the walls, and reaching staircases down to the northern (front) end of the uptown platform, and the turnstiles and exit to 44 St & 8 Avenue, and the end of the mezzanine and station. This exit leads out to the NE and SE street stairs, and a new entrance inside a new building. This consists of first a short flight of nine steps and a small external wheelchair lift (the only one so far in all subway system) (this is how it is signed Lift to elev.) before a small upper landing that leads to a staircase and conventional elevator outside to street level inside 306 West 44th St, with a modern small glass awning at the entrance that looks like those used at the new South Ferry Station.
Art For Transit at 51 Street Arts For Transit at 42 St-Port Authority
Loosing My Marbles, 2003
Glass Mosaic
By Lisa Dinhofer
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(42a1) A sealed trash can because it is New Years Eve
31 December, 2003
(42a2) A sign for the small exit only exit at the southern end of the downtown platform
2 June, 2009
(42a3) A plaque for the station: Opened 1932, rehabilitated 2003
2 June, 2009
(42a4) One of two station entrances to the Port Authority Bus Terminal, this one only leads straight into it
2 June, 2009
(42a5) The top of the ramp down to the Downtown & Brooklyn platform
2 June, 2009
(42a6) Turnstiles out to the NE corner of 8 Ave & 42 Street, the blue plywood covers up the construction of a new entrance inside a building at the SE corner
2 June, 2009
(42a7) High Turnstiles out to the NW corner
2 June, 2009
(42a8) Looking down the long mezzanine
(42a9) There are closing stores along the long mezzanine
(42a10) Access including the ramp to the uptown platform
(42a11) Old text labels the ramp to the uptown platform as ramp 2
(42a12) More high turnstiles out to the SW corner of 43 Street and 8 Avenue
(42a13) Approaching the exit to 44 Street at the northern end of the mezzanine concourse
(42a14) The most northern two staircases down to the uptown platform
2 June, 2009
(42a15) Passengers approaching the turnstiles out to 44 St and 8 Avenue
2 June, 2009
(42a16) Looking over the ramp and a staircase from the uptown platform
2 June, 2009
(42a17) Looking down the concourse near one of two Port Authority Bus Terminal together with an ol
2 June, 2009
(42a18) The in building entrance at the NE corner of 42 St & 8th
24 July, 2009
(42a19) Passengers along the sidewalk outside the 42 ST & 8th entrance, notice the differences with TH capitalized
24 July, 2009
(42a20) Each of the platforms have lots of staircases
28 June, 2009
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