Long Island Rail Road

The East and West Ends of the LIRR Main Line

Today’s update has two parts. First I finished the last two stops on the Greenport Shuttle, mostly with photos from my late October To Rhode Island via Long Island trip

Today I also decided to go for a walk, deal with the tourists, and finally explore the portion of the High Line that wraps around the Long Island Rail Roads West Side Yard.

First some photos of the new 7 Line Extension Station waiting to open. The sign is up and has been since at least this past summer:

west-side-yards1 west-side-yards2

I then continued one block down 34th Street to the northern end of the High Line, it offers okay photo opportunities although your shooting through a mesh fence. The yard is a crowded sea of only M7s on a weekend (weekdays have a couple of dual-mode diesel sets laying over in the midday), I thought it might be relatively empty since it is a weekend, but it wasn’t. I’m just going to let the photos do the talking:

west-side-yards3 west-side-yards4 west-side-yards5 west-side-yards6 west-side-yards7 west-side-yards8 west-side-yards9 west-side-yards10 west-side-yards11 west-side-yards12 west-side-yards13 west-side-yards14 west-side-yards15 west-side-yards16 west-side-yards17 west-side-yards18