Upload: Vancouver, Every SkyTrain Station plus West Coast Express!

I guess I meant to divide this up into multiple updates I just got going though on making stations for Vancouver so here it is in one big update with 1057 photos! (If my calculations are correct):

  • SkyTrains Expo Line-This Line has 20 stations and started it all, be sure not to miss New Westminster
  • The Millennium Line-This elevated line is through routed with the Expo Line and opened in 2002 it’s stations have very different more modern designs
  • Canada Line-this is the newest SkyTrain Line opening in time for the Olympics. Unlike the other SkyTrain lines that are elevated except for two stations a good deal of this is underground. It uses different automated technology than the other two lines and is operated independently. Marine Drive has the most.
  • West Coast Express-This well used Commuter Rail Line just runs 5 trips per peak direction rush hour on the original Canadian Transcontinental Railway line that united the country. I managed to get to every station except for Mission because Mission has no transit options to get back to Vancouver on.