Canada Fall Foliage through Domes

Upload: Full Rocky Mountaineer Coverage is Here!

Happy Thanksgiving! (Slightly belated, I was hoping to get this out right before I went away for the weekend but didn’t quite have the chance)
I am not going to go through this upload in great detail but the two separate sections covering my entire Rocky Mountaineer Golden Circle via Whistler Trip with about 1500 photos I have finally completed. Like everything on this website with its emphasis on stations first is the standard section that documents all but one (Calgary) of the 8 stations that the Rocky Mountaineer uses for its services. I also included in this section, one emergency station, Shelley, the grade crossing we unloaded at when our train broke down plus a separate section for the Spiral Tunnels (both from the train and at the viewpoint) and Lake Louise that no longer receives any passenger rail service:

The more substantial section is a TripLog (I know I originally said I was just going to upload the photos here but the blog format I realized was not as conducive to that as just programing my own pages, I have updated every relevant blog post with a little note of where to read similar coverage). Some entries are straight from the blog, others use far more extensive notes with tons of photos: