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Upload: The Atlantic Avenue-Pacific Street Complex

The Atlantic Avenue-Pacific Street Complex: Pacific Street(7 photos), Pacific Street Mezzanine and Transfer Corridor (21 photos), Atlantic Avenue IRT (2,3,4,5) (19 photos), Atlantic Avenue Lower Mezzanine(21 photos), Atlantic Avenue (B,Q)-Brighton Line (6 photos)

Today I decided to upload the one real large, mega, super transfer station in the heart of downtown Brooklyn. The Altlantic Avenue-Pacific Street Complex, I’ve divided the station up into five different pages, and none of the links to other stations will work yet, but should work very soon. This mega station is rather simple, and has an intersting feature of staircases directly up to LIRR platforms with fare control right on the platforms, and an always busy central artery of passageways where all of the stations exits (except for one) are from.

Atlantic Avenue-Brighton Line Atlantic Avenue (B,Q)-Brighton Line (6 photos)
86 Street Atlantic Avenue Lower Mezzanine(21 photos)
Atlantic Avenue IRT Atlantic Avenue IRT (2,3,4,5) (19 photos)
Pacific Street Mezzanine Pacific Street Mezzanine and Transfer Corridor (9 photos)
Pacific Street Pacific Street(7 photos)


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i thought about it and may make a separate page later but couldn’t figure out a good way to do it since the Artwork has such an abstract connection with the rest of the station.