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Upload: 2 more local stops on 4th Avenue

Two more local stops on 4th Avenue: 53 Street (24 photos), and 45 Street(24 photos)

Realized I’ve taken a bit of a break from uploads to my website this past week. I’ve gotten extremely busy-so busy en fact that two short trips, one to photograph missing stations in Downtown Brooklyn: Clark St, Hoyt St, Nevins St, DeKalb Ave, Borough Hall, Atlantic Av-Pacific St, and one where I photographed the Broadway Line local stops in Manhattan-23 Street, 8 Street-NYC, Canal Street, I didn’t even have a chance to write blog posts about. I was away for the weekend as well, but did have a short Metro-North Trip (no unphotographed stations and had two big bags of camping gear, so no photos) up from Marble Hill to Croton-Harmon to volunteer at the Clearwater Festival on the Hudson River, had a most excellent time as well.

Well anyway, today, I had a chance to make to small updates, of two more stops as I work my way up the 4th Avenue Subway Line:

53 Street 53 Street (24 photos)
45 Street 45 Street(24 photos)

Enjoy, unfortunately its looking like I’ll be having a busy week with, unfortunately, little time for this website, so updates right now will probably become more like this small short one