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Upload: The Rockaway Park Branch – Extremely lightly used decrepit stations by the sea

Did the four stations of the Rockaway Park Shuttle’s branch line:Beach 90 Street-Holland (10 photos), Beach 98 Street-Playland (22 photos), Beach 105 Street-Seaside (29 photos), and Beach 116 St-Rockaway Park (16 station photos and two of Arts for Transit)

The Rockaway Park Branch is the branch of the subway with the least amount of ridership, all of the five stations (including Broad Channel) are in the bottom twelve out of the 422, uniquely counted stations in terms of ridership. The total number of fares paid in 2008 was only 1,024,387 at the stations of this update, all of the stations on the Rockaway Park Branch. For comparisons sake that slightly fewer than Knickerbocker Avenue (station #349) on the M, Myrtle Avenue Line for number of fares paid in 2008. It would take Today I continued updating my site from my trip out to those stations back in December. The three intermediate stations are a disgrace to the subways and seem completely neglected, with the wooden roofs leaking and many station staircases simply closed since the MTA can’t be bothered to maintain them. The Rockaway Park Station (#414 out 422 stations for ridership) was completely rebuilt in 2007 and has a gleaming new station house that also has employee areas and a NYPD Transit Police Station. Here are the four new stations:

Beach 90th St-Hollands Beach 90 Street-Holland (10 photos)
Aqueduct-North Conduit Avenue Beach 98 Street-Playland(22 photos)
Howard Beach-JFK Airport Beach 105 Street-Seaside(29 photos)
Broad Channel Beach 116 St-Rockaway Park(16 station photos and two of Arts for Transit)

The next update will definitely be the northern half of the Rockaway Line (the A train’s), expect that in the next couple of days!