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The 14 Street PATH station has two side platforms for the two track line each with a line of round columns (for most of their lengths, except where extensions occurred) that are blue and have decorative sections just before they reach the curved ceiling they are holding up. The cream colored walls of the platforms and passageways to them have the standard modern PATH look but with no signage, all signage for the station's name is via 14 signs on the columns and little 14 Street signs on the track walls that are today just painted black or fading white (previously, as of 2006, they also had middle blue stripe with a hand painted PATH logos inside this stripe). The exists from each platform differ: The Uptown trains to 33 Street side it is completely separate from the subway. Transferring requires ascending to street level. One set of two, and one of three turnstiles are directly on the platform on each side (there is a low tiled wall, leading to silver fencing up to the ceiling above) of a single staircase that leads up to an intermediate landing where two MVMs are before doubling back and leading up to the one exit to the street. This is inside a storefront on the Sixth Avenue side of 562 6 Avenue, (excuse me Avenue of the Americas) on the SE corner with 14 Street. The Jersey-bound side is directly connected to the subway station, with the streetstair closest to it at the SE corner signed Subway-PATH. This leads to a PATH tiled corridor with a junction point, one corridor leads north to the entrance to the Uptown 6 Avenue F and M trains, going south is immediately a staircase down to the level of the PATH platform where there are a few MVMs and 5 turnstiles onto the platform.

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The Uptown entrance with old signage
14 September, 2003
Looking down from one end of the platform
4 February, 2006
A sign on a track wall with the now painted over stipe and hand done Path logo
4 February, 2006
Different Vintages of Signage at the New Jersey-bound entrance from the subway
13 August, 2009
The passageway to the trains for New Jersey from the subway
13 August, 2009
The old H & M name tablet from the subway entrance
13 August, 2009
The two H & M tunnels mosaics and the gates to close off the PATH entrance in the main downtown subway entrance area
Passengers leave the only exit from the 33 Street-bound platform at street level
The signage above the exit for Uptown to 33 Street-bound trains
Going down towards the entrance to PATH trains and another corridor to the subway
18 January, 2012
The turnstiles onto the Jersey-bound platform
Looking down the tunnels
18 January, 2012
Approaching a narrow end of one of the platforms
18 January, 2012
Looking down the Jersey-bound track
18 January, 2012
A 33 Street-bound train stops
18 January, 2012
Approaching the one exit from the 33 Street-bound platform
18 January, 2012
The Exit to Street & NYC Subway with PATH's old non-standard sign
18 January, 2012
The turnstiles to leave the 33 Street-bound platform
18 January, 2012
A nighttime view of the Uptown entrance
18 January, 2012
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Home<New York·New Jersey<PATH<HOB ↔ 33rd Trains<14TH Street
Home<New York·New Jersey<PATH<33rd ↔ JSQ Trains<14TH Street
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