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9th Street is the southernmost PATH Station beneath 6th Avenue. It lacks any direct underground subway connection like the other three 6th Avenue stations but is just a block and a half from the northern entrances to West 4th Street on the A,B,C,D,E,F,M. The station has a single narrow island platform for the two track line who's layout seems basically unchanged and crowded since its opening in 1908. This platform has a line of columns along each track and an arched ceiling. These were retiled in the 1970s-1980s in the normal light brown brick PATH tile scheme. The columns have the modern white text on blue square 9s for column signs. The slightly curved ceiling has silver sheeting, with a single line of florescent lights in the center of it. The platform walls are relatively bare with their original tubular cast iron plating. Along this are hanging blue signs that say 9th Street above a hard to see blue trimline with some red PATH Ps.

To exit the platform at the northern end is a bank of five turnstiles directly on the platform, the first/last car of trains stop awkwardly at the fence beyond the turnstiles. There are two MVMs before a staircase leads up to passageway. This passageway has walls of light grey tiling with a central white line with a green border and another green border at the top just before the arched ceiling full of pipes. Along this ceiling is one set of recently installed (in the late 2000s) colorful PATH decorative panels. This leads to another curve and a second staircase up to the street. Here are similar walls and two mosaics that are unique to the station. The entrance is along 9th Street on the ground floor (just next to a Citarella) of 424 Avenue of the Americas, a nondiscript modern apartment building at the NE corner of 9th Street and 6th Avenue.

Looking across to the station's main entrance inside Citarella
20 June, 2008
Looking down the empty platform
20 June, 2008
The previous generation directional signs along the curved platform roof
20 June, 2008
Uptown to 33 St on yellow
20 June, 2008
On of the walls signs on the cast iron fasteners
20 June, 2008
Looking back towards the turnstiles
20 June, 2008
The blue trimline of PATH
20 June, 2008
The tiny bank of turnstiles is directly at the northern end of the platform
9 September, 2011
Two MVMs before the turnstiles
9 September, 2011
On the passageway to leave the station, grey tiles with green trimlines
9 September, 2011
Mosaics at the station entrance
9 September, 2011
The one entrance inside the facade of a building
13 August, 2012
The relatively long meandering entrance corridor
13 August, 2012
The one narrow entrance at the northern end of the platform
13 August, 2012
Looking down the nearly empty platform
13 August, 2012
A sign for the partial service restoration post-Superstorm Sandywith only one line running Newark to 33 Street and only between 5am and 10pm
11 November, 2012
The entrance, don't know why the sign is wrapped in a garbage bag
11 November, 2012
Stepping off a weekend 33rd St via Hoboken Train
7 September, 2015
Home<New York·New Jersey<PATH<HOB ↔ 33rd Trains<9TH Street
Home<New York·New Jersey<PATH<33rd ↔ JSQ Trains<9TH Street
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