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The 23 Street PATH station has two side platforms for the two track line each with a line of round columns (for most of their lengths, except where extensions occurred) that are blue and have decorative sections just before they reach the curved ceiling they are holding up. The cream colored walls of the platforms and passageways to them have the standard modern PATH look but with no signage, all signage for the station's name is via 23 signs on the columns and little 23 Street signs on the track walls that are today just painted black or fading white. The line here is between the local tracks (on about the same level) of the 6 Avenue subway F, M train. To exit each platform: two staircases lead down from each platform to a small underpass area beneath the subway platforms where a small bank of 5 turnstiles are and a TVM. This leads to two short separate staircase up to southern side of the separate on platform fare control areas of the F train. (outside of it of course, near the token booths, there no free transfers between the Subway and PATH). To advertise PATH the two streetstairs each on the SE and SW corners are of PATH's design with simple metal frames, they also sign the subway with the old M logo

Two of the PATH branded station entrances
31 December, 2008
Stepping off of an arriving 33 Street-bound train
2 June, 2011
Going downstairs to leave the station, with an old sign above
2 June, 2011
The turnstiles to leave the system on an arriving 33 Street-bound train
2 June, 2011
Then back up to the Exit, Subways and Street two H & M tunnels mosaics and the gates to close off the PATH entrance in the main downtown subway entrance area
2 June, 2011
Going up towards the only exit from 33 St-bound PATH trains to the subway's fare control area
2 June, 2011
Looking back down the staircase to 33 St-bound PATH's trains
2 June, 2011
There is a decorative Poster on the ceiling of the entrance for PATH trains to 33 Street
2 June, 2011
The PATH to 33 Street and Uptown M, M trains
2 June, 2011
The one entrance for PATH train's to New Jersey
18 January, 2012
An intermediate landing leads to another staircase
The staircases in the small sub terrain area for New Jersey Trains
18 January, 2012
The staircase up to the street
18 January, 2012
Arriving on the Uptown platform
18 January, 2012
The exit staircases from the uptown platform
18 January, 2012
The decorative blue tops of the platform columns that hold up the arched roof
18 January, 2012
Zooming down 6 Avenue, there is a sign for PATH one block south of the station
16 September, 2011
Home<New York·New Jersey<PATH<HOB ↔ 33rd Trains<23RD Street
Home<New York·New Jersey<PATH<33rd ↔ JSQ Trains<23RD Street
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