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Towaco is a modern and simple low-level platform station last renovated in the late 1990s. The station consists of a single low-level platform on the south side of a single track with a wooden small mini-high platform with a retractible edge at its eastern end. For waiting passengers the one amenity is a small modern concrete waiting shelter with brick accents and a single arched entrance into a small open air waiting area with a few benches around a central TVM. A push-button turns on heat. A tiny canopy is at the entrance to this shelter (held up by brick pillars) and extends to the platform edge. On it are a couple of unique small black signs with gold text that say Towanco Montville Township NJ Transit. The northern end of the platform is along a 77 space free parking lot that has its one entrance from parallel Whitehall Road. Along the southern end of the platform Towanco crossing, a transit oriented development, is under construction. At the extremely southern end of the platform is a small pedestrian grade crossing that leads to a 153 space parking lot on the opposite side of the tracks, this parking lot is parrelel to Main Street and along Main Street on the parking lot side is a grand bus shelter in the same style as the shelter for rail passengers. This bus stop serves bus passengers that can take Lakeland Bus Lines route 46 and its passengers also use the railroad parking lots. There is also one local NJT connecting route 871 that has abysmal service.
All Photos: 16 July, 2013

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Approaching the station at the edge of the parking lot
The empty end of the parking lot
Sign at the main entrance to the station
The empty parking lot that is modern with some greenery
Approaching the platform and its mini-high
The drop-off area along the platform
View from the ramp up to the wooden mini-high with a retractable edge
One side of the shelter building
A unique Towanco sign on the shelter
Inside the shelter
There is one TVM and some benches
The pillars that hold up the shelter with Towaco signs
The similar bus shelter across the tracks
Towaco Crossings a TOD is under construction behind the station
Beyond the end of the low-level platform
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