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Boonton is the namesake city on what was once called just the Boonton Line before it was merged with the Montclair Line when the Montclair Connection opened in 2002. Today this city receives very limited rail service since its on the diesel portion of the Montclair-Boonton Line with just peak direction service from 5 AM inbound trains to Hoboken and 10 PM rush hour and evening trains arriving from Hoboken. The station currently consists of a single low-level platform that can accommodate 3 carss with a tactile warning strip on the south side of what is just a single remaining track. There are weeded remains of a second track along across from portions of the platform. The platform has a wooden mini-high platform with the ability for the platform edge to retract with a built in wooden bench for ADA access at its eastern end. The concrete overpass of Main Street crosses over the middle of the platforms. A covered staircase leads down from the east side of Main Street down to the platform. At the western end of the platform is the station's one amenity for waiting passengers. There is a modern shelter with brick walls on the outside and cinerblock walls on the inside. It covers the station's one TVM and a coupe of benches. At this end of the platform a short ADA ramp and another steeper path lead a very short ways down to the station's small 72 space parking lot that charges $1 per day for parking.

Just east (and visible from) today's modern simple platform is the station's grand and historic Delaware & Lackawanna 1904 Prairie Style Station house designed by architect Frank Niles. It was closed by the Lackawanna Railroad in around 1950. (National Park Service Historic Places Survey from 1977) In the late 1970s Joseph Marcello, a local businessman purchased the historic station and started to restore it into a unique mini shopping center. Today the entire entire main building is the Switch Bar. This station originally had two side platforms connected by a now closed pedestrian tunnel with the main station building along the south Hoboken-bound track and the north outbound track having a smaller shelter in the same style as the main station. These brick and stone with terra cotta roofs buildings are quite well preserved in addition to the crumbling canopy structures that once extended from each station building to cover the former platforms. The main station that is now a bar clearly once quite grand with large windows of the former waiting area visible from Myrtle Avenue through the small parking lot that sets the station back from the street. The smaller shelter is also in decent shape but appears unused (there is a staircase down to the former platform in good shape) and is on the edge of a public parking lot along Division Street across from the end of Birtch Street.
Photos 1-66: 16 July, 2013, 67: 27 August, 2013

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Sign for historic station
The historic station, now Switch Bar
The front of the historic station turned bar/night club
The nice facade of the historic station (the curtains at the entrance area a nightclub touch)
Approaching the staircase down to the station from the bridge, there is a war memorial canon
Boonton Station sign above a modern staircase down to the modern platform
Looking down on the modern platform at Boonton
The original historic station is visible off in the distance to the east
Looking down on the current platform
A former staircase to the now abandoned second platform I bet this originally led to the extreme western end of the original platform
The fenced off entrance to the original staircase off the overpass
Looking across to the current platform and staircase down from the overpass bridge
View between buildings to the remains of the original station canopy
The shelter and station house across from it
The original shelter
Public Parking along the outbound platform shelter
The former shelter
Looking across to the remains of the original canopy
One side of the historic station
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Home<New Jersey<NJ Transit Rail<Montclair-Boonton Line<Boonton
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