Lincoln Park
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Lincoln Park is a stop on the diesel portion of the Montclair-Boonton Line that receives only peak-direction rush hour limited service. The station consists of two tracks surrounded by parking lots on both sides of the tracks with the overpass bridge of Comly Road crossing over near the western ends of the station and parking lots. Although the station has two tracks there is just one low-level platform that can accommodate 7 cars. Trains can stop on either the north or south side of what is a passing siding through the station and trains stopping on the north track board using small concrete crossings across the south track.

Along the platform just east of the overpass is the Lincoln Park Station's single story 1904 Type W-103 station house. This wooden combined freight/passenger depot has cream colored walls, dark red trim and a gabled roof. Inside is a small waiting area with an acoustic tile ceiling, a couple of sorry looking wooden benches a sealed ticket office and modern red digital clock found near most NJT ticket offices. The walls are painted a simple white color with green trim. The station house is on the edge of a parking lot with 168 free parking spaces and Main Street is on the opposite side. There is also parking lot on the north side of the tracks across from the tracks containing 83 additional free parking spaces. Park Avenue is parallel to the lot. This lot is accessed by a small very odd pedestrian crossing across the middle of the platform (gaps in the highway guardrails that line both sides of the tracks and are along the edge of the platform to keep cars from driving onto it). This pedestrian crossing has a small railroad caution sign with two constantly blinking yellow lights (not just activated by approaching trains) and signs to warn pedestrians to always check for oncoming trains before crossing. There is a grade crossing signal box that calls this Lincoln Park Ped.
All Photos: 16 July, 2013

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Sign with two arrows for Lincoln Park
Across from the main entrance to the station before this highway bridge
The Lincoln Park 1907 station house behind the parking lot
Inside the station house, a single restroom and former ticket window
A wooden bench inside the station house
Bike racks outside the station
The mid-platform pedestrian crossing with the unique blinking RR crossing sign
The crossing to all trains and blinking sign
The completely empty except for a shopping cart north parking lot
ALP45DP #4502 leads a Denville-bound train
ALP45DP #4502 continues approaching
Comet V #6022 at the back of a stopping train on the far track
A train stops in the station, just one car is in the north parking lot
A train blocks the blinking light grade crossing and all access to it
Comet V #6022 leaves
A train and the rear Comet fades off into the distance from Lincoln Park
Across from the platform and concrete boarding area for the other track
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