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Mountain View-Wayne is a Montclair-Boonton Line station located just before trains curve off the portion of the line that was built by the New York and Greenwood Lake Railroad in 1872 and became part of the Erie railroad in 1884 and join the Delaware & Lackawanna Boonton Branch (who's original route via Patterson was abandoned beyond Mountain View in 1964 when the ROW was sold to build Interstate 80) for the rest of the trip to Denville and Hackettstown. The station has a low-level single side platform on the east side of the single track line that begins at the grade crossing of US-202 (Boonton Turpike) and runs south accommodating 8 cars. The southern end has a small ramp up to an exposed mini-high platform with just a bench and bridge plate on it making the station ADA accessible. The mini-high platform has a retractible edge in case an extra wide freight train needs to pass through the station with too wide a clearance to pass the platform. ADA features extend to a yellow tactile warning strip along the entire low-level platform.

The platform is slightly elevated from the station's 236 space parking lot (that flooded during Hurricane Irene but didn't damage the rail line) that is entirely free (the one upside to a station having extremely limited rush hour only service) and a number of staircases and ramps lead down to the parking lot. This parking lot runs between the platform and Eire Avenue before it curves and becomes William Street. Amenities for waiting passengers are a modern canopy structure with a trying to look historic gabled roof held up grey beams. Two trying to look historic sign with gold text and a red border says Mountain View-Wayne hang from the canopy. In the middle of this structure is a small enclosed waiting room with a simple bench inside and locked when I visited. There is also a single TVM beneath the canopy. A second bus shelter is provided just before the mini-high platform in an attempt to provide shelter to those passengers needing the ramp.
Photos 1-3: 9 September, 2011; 4-38: 16 July, 2013

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Looking out the window of a stopping train at Mountain View-Wayne
A portion of the parking lot is flooded after all the Irene Rain
The street beyond the station is flooded
At the grade crossing end of the platform, bollards keep drivers off
Staircase down to the parking lot at a slightly lower elevation
One end of modern canopy structure
A trying to look old fashioned Mountain View-Wayne sign
The small inclosed waiting area
The one TVM outside the waiting area
Ramp off the platform
The two different types of signs
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