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Lyndhurst is a grade-separated station on the Main Line located on an embankment. The stop consists of two 6 car long low-level side platforms that begin at the railroad bridge over Stuyvesant Avenue with signs saying "Do Not Trespass: Active Railway, Walking or Standing on this bridge expose's you to the deadly possibility of being struck by a fast moving train." The Hoboken-bound platform contains the station's abandoned, two story brick station house. When visited there were signs on it that said it was most recently occupied by a nightclub, today all the windows are boarded up. This impressive looking station house is at the corner of Stuyvesant Avenue and Court Avenue that runs parallel to the Hoboken-bound side of the platform. On platform level the station's TVMs are beneath a small brown canopy structure running along the station house and covering about one car. Text reads "commuter waiting area" on the side of the station house along the platform but it is above some boarded up windows and a door; it must have once led to a shelter-type enclosed area that has now been abandoned. To reach the platform passengers use a wooden staircase along the southern side of the station house, there is also a second concrete staircase up to the southern end of the Hoboken-bound platform from Court Avenue, across from Livingston Avenue that ends at a T-intersection. A modern silver bus shelter with a bench is at the top of this staircase.

Northbound passenger going to Waldwick, Suffern, or Port Jervis or other points in-between have one small white domed bus shelter along with platform, with one platform entrance via a wooden staircase across from the station house, this leads down to New York Avenue and the 27 parking spaces by permit only in a small plaza area. There is a second 470 space free parking lot owned by New Jersey transit a block south of station off of Amvets Avenue and south of Delafield Avenue, which has its own underpass beneath the train tracks and is probably the reason for the nice shelter at the southern end of the Hoboken-bound platform, since this is the staircase park & ride commuters use. The park & ride lot is only marginally closer to Lyndhurst Station than Kingsland Station, just 0.6 miles away.
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