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Kingsland is a New Jersey Transit (ex-Erie) Main Line station located in the city of Lyndhurst, the namesake station for Lyndhurst is just 0.6 miles north of this station. The station is located in an open-cut and grade-separated from the surrounding streets, with all station access from Ridge Road that goes over the railroad on a bridge with a concrete arch over the railroad line. The station has two low-level side-platforms that begin just south of this tunnel and run south, accommodating about 5 cars. The Hoboken-bound platform has a paved over railroad track running down the length of it, it is the former Harrison cut-off track, the Harrison cut-off is now abandoned. The platforms have zero amenities for waiting passengers except for trash cans and benches. The stop also has very unusual signage with just old brown signs that say Kingsland in white next to the 3 lines of the NJ Transit logo. There are no modern NJ Transit station signs, just some schedule boards.

To leave the station each platform has a staircase that leads up (via an intermediate landing) to a pedestrian bridge over the tracks, this pedestrian bridge is along the south side of the station’s abandoned with boarded up windows brick station house. To continue to leave the station all passengers must use a narrow hallway through the abandoned station house that leads to the southern sidewalk of Ridge Road, along this sidewalk are also the station’s two TVMs inside a small, black white domed shelter. Next to the station house at the corner of Ridge Road and Milton Avenue is the station’s small 19 space parking lot.
Photos 1-35: December 8, 2011

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