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Westport (Saugatuck Station as it's known locally since its west of the Saugatuck River that Metro-North crosses on a bridge) Metro-North Station is a major station stop on the New Haven Line with off peak service about every half-hour from both the base hourly local train and the extra semi-express train that run most hours during the day. The stop has been modernized last in 2004 with the addition of a new pedestrian underpass tunnel with elevators, this supplements the original, more narrow pedestrian tunnel accessed via stairs that remains open and gives passengers two options to cross the tracks. The station has two side platforms on the four-track line each with ten cars.

Along each platform towards their eastern ends are historic station houses dating from the 19th century and recently restored. The buildings are completely offset from each other with the original brick lined arched pedestrian tunnel, painted white accessed via a single staircase down from the parking lot level in an attached covered area. The eastbound station house is on the opposite, eastern side of the tunnel with the westbound, Grand Central-bound one just beyond on the western side. Each station house is a small single story wooden buildings with cream colored siding along with red and green siding. The eastbound station house has solar panels on its south facing roof. The Grand Central-bound station house contains a public waiting room with free wi-fi open unstaffed from 5am to midnight daily (Westport Police Department). The ticket office closed in February 2010. The interior walls are white with grey trim. For seating are a few park-like wooden benches, a shelf with a take a book, leave a book library, the remains of the ticket office, not completely sealed up, and an LCD television set above the water fountain and between the doors into the restrooms. There is also a replica New York, Hartford and New Haven clock. The New Haven-bound station house contains private businesses. An Avis and Budget in one half of the building and one of two branches of Steam, a coffee bar (the other is in the Green's Farms Station).

In the middle of the platform is the new down and under pedestrian crossing with tiled walls completed in 2004. The portals at each end have glass elevators, wide staircases, and modern steel canopies and angled canopies that cover both the landings at parking lot level and extend over about two car lengths of the platforms. The canopies here and directly outside the station house is the only cover along the New Haven-bound platform. Although there is also a double-wide black bus shelter directly across from the New York-bound station house. Almost the entirety of the New York-bound platform is covered except at its extreme ends. The type of canopy except directly over the portal is flat roofed with some 1980s colorful windscreens.

Along the entirety of the eastbound platform is the station's main parking lot; this leads out to Ferry Lane. Parking is controlled by the town. The New York-bound platform is mostly parking but directly across from the station house along Railroad Place between Franklin Street and Riverside Avenue is a strip of a few downtown stores.
Photos 1-12: 10 August, 2005; 13 & 14: 20 May, 2013; 15-37 16 October, 2013; 38-68: 8 October, 2014; 69-81: November 26, 2023; 82-85: November 27, 2023;

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