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Green's Farms is a secondary local stop on the New Haven Line in Westport, Connecticut. The stop receives only the base of service hourly with nearly all of the extra half-hourly non-base service trains bypassing Green's Farms. Until the October 14, 2012 timetable off peak service was only bihourly or better (hourly trains alternating stopping here or at Southport). An old sign dots the main staircase up to the New York-bound platform that says "Weekdays: Trains leave Green's Farms from 5:59am to 11:50pm, check schedule. Weekends: 7:30am (Sat only), 9:30am, 1:30pm, 5:30pm, 9:30pm, 11:55pm. Expanded Service operates from Saugatuck Daily." (Saugatuck is the neighborhood name for the main Westport Station).

The station consists of two side platforms along the four-track line that can only accommodate six cars each. The two directions of the station are connected by the low-road underpass (11 feet 11 inches of clearance) of New Creek Road just beyond their western ends. This underpass has a very short sidewalk within the underpass and narrow wooden staircases lead directly up to each side of the station. The New Haven-bound platform is completely exposed to the elements except for a small black with Plexiglas double wide bus shelter with a built in bench. A ramp and a couple staircases lead down to the small parking lot along this platform.

The vast majority of the stations 468 parking spaces are along the New York-bound platform, with a second parking lot south of New Creek Road. This platform has canopies for about half the platform mainly towards its eastern end with a second tiny canopy at its western end. These have windscreens colored light blue and yellow. Signs on them say "Shelters Erected by Westport Railroad Parking Commission 1982." Towards the western end of this platform is a small historic wooden station house, a renovation was completed in July 2013. This building is wooden and painted bright red, with a tall gabled roof. It contains one of two branches of the Steam Coffee Bar. The other is situated in the Westport/Saugatuck train station. An electrical vehicle changing station is available on the outside of the station building.
All Photos: 8 October, 2014

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A Grand Central-bound train of M2s/M4s leaves Green's Farms
The little red station house
An Acela Express, led by power car #2032 zooms through Green's Farms
Acela Power Car #2032 zooms through Acela
Acela Power Car #2034 brings up the rear
Acela Express Power Car #2034 brings up the rear of an Acela Express zooming through Green's Farms
A small canopy towards the eastern end of Track 3
Looking across to the double wide shelter on the New Haven-bound platform, the only provision for waiting passengers
The light yellow and blue windscreen along the platform for Track 3
Sign that Shelters erected by Westport Railroad Parking Commission, 1982
Outside of the station house and morning coffee bar
The ramp off the New York-bound platform to the small parking lot behind it
Streetside of the small, red station house
A few steps up to the door of the station house and Steam
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Home<New York·Connecticut<Metro-North<New Haven Line<Green's Farm
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