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Southport is a minor New Haven Line local station. For many years it only had a base service of every two-hours. In 2012 this was increased to the normal hourly base service, although the various 'extra' trains that provide half-hourly service at off-peak times with more frequent ridership skip the station. The station has two four-car high-level side platforms that are completely separate from one another, with the low 9'8" bridge underpass of Station Street between the two platforms. The two high-level platforms remain basically unchanged since they were built around 1970 except for modern black lampposts replacing the original ones. Each platform has an ADA ramp down off of it but the driveways up to each platform are probably too steep for a wheelchair. The New York-bound platform is southwest of State Street, the New Haven-bound platform northeast.

The New York-bound platform begins with a staircase up from the underpass of Bridge Street. A small driveway up to a parking lot contains some of the station's 178 parking spaces. This platform has a simple and flat early 1970s canopy that covers about three-quarters of the length of the platform. This platform has the station's only two TVMs. A historic wooden station house built in 1895. This depot has a gabled roof that provides some overhangs. The building has cream-colored walls and grey trim. A 2008 fire gutted in the interior and its tenant, an art gallery, was destroyed. The building has since been restored and the interior rebuilt but lacks a tenant.

The New Haven-bound platform is a bit away from the Station Street underpass as Station Street curves to follow the tracks. The distance is long enough for 7 parallel parking spaces before the actual platform begins. The platform is completely exposed to the elements with just a couple of benches for waiting passengers. It was built in an era before the New Haven Line became the vibrate route carrying passengers in both directions as it is now today. All TVMs are also only on the GCT-bound platform. At the northeast end of the platform is a historic 1884 brick station house. It has a gabled-roof that overhangs a portion outside the building and originally provided shelter on the platform but was cut back when the new high-level platform was built in 1970. The building contains an Italian Restaurant: Paci.
All Photos: 2 November, 2012

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Stepping off a train at Southport
A train leaves the station, for some reason the rear lights are on
Ast of the parking lot is at the same-level as the high-level platform
A temporary platform is for New York-bound trains is under construction
The high-level platform was built blocking doors into the station
An old crane
A stuffed animal inside the crane
This old Metro-North Railroad Diesel Electric small crane
The crane building the temporary platform
Ramp and stairs at the end of the platform (the other platform is way off in the distance)
Looking down to the New York-bound platform completely offset
Ramp off the Southport platform
The blur of M2 #8543
A New Haven-bound train stops in the station
A New Haven-bound train leaves its small platform
The backs of the windscreens have blue and orange colors
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Home<New York Metro Area<Metro-North<New Haven Line<Southport
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