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Fairfield is a station on the New Haven Line with two high-level side platforms that can accommodate six cars for the four-track line. The new high-level side platforms were built in the early 1970s and still have the original grey square fencing but modern black lampposts. Each platform also has a ramp off of it but there isn't an accessible connection between the platforms. The pedestrian connection between the two platforms is provided by the west sidewalk of the overpass bridge of Unquowa Road, towards the northeastern end of the platforms, with a concrete staircase down to each platform surrounded by opaque windscreens (but no canopy above them) to protect passengers from contacting the livewire. These windscreens were built at some point during the 1980s.

Each platform has a historic station house along it. The New York-bound platform has a wooden clapboard walled building built in 1895. This building has brown walls with silver trim. Inside is a small waiting area and closed ticket office plus a drycleaners operating from a different area of the building. The platform directly above the building has a canopy that covers about two car lengths. Along this platform is the station's large 1,179 space parking lot (with a long waitlist) that stretches with an entrance (at the opposite end of the lot) from the overpass of Unquowa Road all the way to Mill Plain Road that has an underpass nearly a quarter mile south of the station.

The New Haven-bound platform has a slightly older a brick station house building along it built in 1882. This brick building houses three stores: a dry cleaner, the local cab company and a pizzeria. It has a gabled roof with a couple chimneys plus a metal canopy structure around the building. On this side of the tracks there is minimal parking with Carter Henry Drive directly parallel to the platform. For waiting passengers on this platform the only amenity is a dilapidated silver canopy shelter missing some window panels housing a silver bench and TVM.
Photos 1-6: 10 August, 2005, 7-37: 2 November, 2012

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A New Haven-bound train of M2s leaves Fairfield
M2 #8711 on a Grand Central-bound express enters Fairfield through the shatows
An eastbound train of M2s bypasses Fairfield
Looking across the station at Fairfield
Amtrak AEM7 #928 bypasses Fairfield
M2 Bar Car #8463 leaves Fairfield
Getting off a train of M4 or M6s at Fairfield
View of the New York-bound station house from the staircase up to the overpass
Going down to the New Haven-bound platform, passing its brick station house
Streetside of the brick station house, a few business
The curving platforms, a temporary platform is getting installed
The bike parking brick plaza outside track 4 and the ramp off of it (with no ADA connection to the opposite platform)
The curving platforms pass two station houses
The wooden station house on the New York-bound platform
The road overpass and staircase up to it directly from each platform
Across from the New York-bound platform depot with its canopy splitting the top
The shelter with a TVM inside it, the only amenity for New Haven-bound passengers
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